When kittens get adopted by the Spirit Guides & , The Hippie Ghost Band

One thing we know, is kittens do adapt to their new family.  In my home, my two boy kittens learned to adjust to a busy condo of spirits, or ghosts if you prefer. Thirteen of them, though often only eleven were consistently active in my home.

Kittens have the habit of wrapping their paws around us, to get our attention. They conquered this ability with me, and all of the spirits. From petting, brushing and feeding them, these thirteen spirits, or ghosts became the primary caretakers of Leo and Oscar Abbott.  Those two months in 2015, during my worst struggle with living, these two boys were always under their care. They became my cats’ family, as they became mine.

Let’s take a few steps back, and let me introduce to you,  my spirit group. They are a mixture of entities who never lived on Earth; they go by Crystal Fairies and Crystal Dragons. Another team calls themselves Spirit Winds, while the remaining consisted of my late husband, my deceased brother, two Native Americans, and three rock n roll icons. My brother and the three rock n roll spirits created the Hippie Ghost Band. As they worked in working with me, their conduit, they used music. Funny, whenever Kashmir got sung by them, the cats used that to train the spirit group. Treats, and hair brushings were a must, or the two would not stop making noise. They loved the spirits and often enjoyed sitting on their lap, stirring at them. They would know which one was which. That still fascinates me to this date.

November 1, 2015, as I boarded the airplane, and cats headed to their place, all thirteen of my spirit group crawled into the cargo area with them. When I picked the two carriers up, the manager in that area said she never saw such sleeping cats, who never made a fuss. That isn’t my boys, so I knew they kept their promise and traveled with them.

My boys have moved two places since that flight. They have grown accustomed to my spirit group. Often, when they would channel on a podcast, Leo would sit behind them and watch. Oscar carries vocal conversations with them until he receives a reply.

In my life, I have no physical family, and over many years, I’ve lived an isolated existence. My two cats and my spirit group became my family. They all adapted to each other. Now, I seek to remedy this isolation and get out to meet people. I wonder how my cats will handle people in the flesh? We have been exiting for four years, minus five months being always alone. I will keep you posted on how this goes. It’s time we have people who wish to be around us and create a physical family.

I will blog on future updates. In sixteen days, we will have company for five days. They knew her, from Florida, so I’m looking forward to how they interact with a live person, versus a ghost.

Jasmine Renee

Author: hippieghostband

Jasmine Renee Abbott is a paranormal romance writer, whose twist is, she threads her own experiences throughout the book. Rich in beyond the veil experiences throughout her life, she has a lot of material to share with us. Jasmine Renee Abbott is also the Medium for the spirit group called Hippie Ghost Band, who she occasionally channels through Facebook live videos. Jasmine Renee Abbott is the author of these publications, which can be found on Amazon.

2 thoughts on “When kittens get adopted by the Spirit Guides & , The Hippie Ghost Band”

  1. Thank you for writing this. I know people are curious how animals interact with those of the other side. I often see Leo sitting behind John! Fascinating….

    Liked by 1 person

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