Live Vision Boards & Frequencies


As, I’m detailing, in my upcoming book, the events of both of my moves, within five months, through the act of frequencies, I had an aha moment. As we create our ‘live vision board’ we are also changing our.own  frequency. Taking a look back when neighbors, who I only knew for 5 months, got together to move me to my new apartment, while I laid in the hospital having surgery, this aha moment came. I realized it was due to these visions boards, the spirit world taught me, and the Ho’oponopono, plus I Am Love that produced this event. The frequency changes outside of me came from within. I often speak in podcasts about heaven on earth. Today, this dawned on me. it’s a prime example of how heaven is being created by this group of eleven and me, right here on Earth.

I love seeing the proof, and understanding how the tools the Hippie Ghost Band gave me produced these results. Jasmine Renee

Author: hippieghostband

Jasmine Renee Abbott is a paranormal romance writer, whose twist is, she threads her own experiences throughout the book. Rich in beyond the veil experiences throughout her life, she has a lot of material to share with us. Jasmine Renee Abbott is also the Medium for the spirit group called Hippie Ghost Band, who she occasionally channels through Facebook live videos. Jasmine Renee Abbott is the author of these publications, which can be found on Amazon.

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