Loneliness Hurts

December 6, 2017

Surviving the holidays often deals with surviving old baggage that creeps up in your mind.  If there is a lack in any area of your life, that lack will light up like a Christmas tree.   How many of us enter the holiday season embracing the labels; the black sheep of the family, does everything and not appreciated and a host of other beliefs we labeled ourselves? We might shout out to the world, how proud we are to be different.  The holidays though will eat you alive for feeling different. That inner child rises to the occasion to be accepted, loved and cherished one more time, to only fell crushed after the holidays.   How do we survive the broken inner child syndrome? By taking it by hand and lovely guiding it.

This year my inner child is crumpled. Though not the first time I have dealt with loneliness and being alone during holidays, this year she feels shame. Her pain is a deep river running through my veins and in my heart. Her words echo loud and clear.I’m not good enough. I must be bad, or I would have someone in my life. That is the inner child talking. The neglected child. I know her language well.  It’s up to me to correct this hurt. So, along with me, we are creating a life that benefits both of us. Vision boards.

The Hippie Ghost Band has approached vision boards with the living -boards. Creating the vision, so others will see and believe in it. I explained this in detail in my upcoming book, which tells the Law of Attraction taught to those who recently died, Beyond the Veil.

You and the inner child can begin to create a new reality I’ve been doing this for the last three years. This year I’m at it again. I will not be held a prisoner in the loneliness world next year. I am the one that resolves this, and I’m already creating the blueprint.

To offer another view of what I’m up too, I’m placing a link to

My latest Facebook podcast on loneliness, and what I’m planning to do to serve others.

How to Survive Loneliness During the Holidays

Author: hippieghostband

Jasmine Renee Abbott is a paranormal romance writer, whose twist is, she threads her own experiences throughout the book. Rich in beyond the veil experiences throughout her life, she has a lot of material to share with us. Jasmine Renee Abbott is also the Medium for the spirit group called Hippie Ghost Band, who she occasionally channels through Facebook live videos. Jasmine Renee Abbott is the author of these publications, which can be found on Amazon.

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