Loneliness and Emotional Pain

December 12, 2017

Pain comes with acceptance. I’ve spent years denying the pain of being ignored during the holiday season. That was how I survived most of the past twelve years. I can count on one hand, the exceptions. With the absence of family and old friends, I shoved down the feeling that screamed out to me-loser. Instead, I put my focus on others and denied my surging pain.

A couple of days after this past Thanksgiving, I came to the full realization what I was doing. My rose-color glasses smashed, and the pain is still seeping out of me daily. I decided to stop surviving. I had to honor something within me that I’ve been ignoring. I hurt. I feel betrayed. I hate the holiday season. The later was the most prominent confession. For one who used to be contagious with cheer around the holidays, now all I felt was resentment. What happened to me? Why did the world throw me out to the curb?

The answer. The world never threw me out to the curb. I did. I have forsaken my value and forgot I could change this. I do believe before this, I couldn’t. My heart suffered so that I couldn’t open it to others. Slowly this has been changing over the past four years. This year the shattering of my rose-color glasses permitted me to see clearly. I stopped surviving and embraced the love of those who are a part of my life. This love I can build a universe.

The pain finally has an exit spot. I let myself cry daily. As I cry, I speak the verse my Spirit Guides gave me in Spirit Therapy. I Am Love. I Am Love, which aided My attitude to shift, as I feel love enter every cell of my body. Divine loves each of us and gave each us a talent to use to build our heaven here on earth. Feel the pain, and chant I Am Love and experience the sensation of love moving through you.

Thank you for reading my blogs. I do hope they act as an inspiration for you. You might find my You Tube channel helpful. Thank you again, Jaz.

My You Tube Channel

Author: hippieghostband

Jasmine Renee Abbott is a paranormal romance writer, whose twist is, she threads her own experiences throughout the book. Rich in beyond the veil experiences throughout her life, she has a lot of material to share with us. Jasmine Renee Abbott is also the Medium for the spirit group called Hippie Ghost Band, who she occasionally channels through Facebook live videos. Jasmine Renee Abbott is the author of these publications, which can be found on Amazon.

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