A Fever within a Fever, Stop deluding yourself

December 22, 2017


This week I had company. A fever that attached itself to the Flu. Within this fever I walked for three days, guiding it, leading it and using it to create the death of a pattern so dear to me. Figuratively, I washed the walls, representing me, of aspects I don’t choose to carry anymore. This all stemmed from starting  the blog series, How to Survive or Not during the Holidays and book two of the Series; The Spirit World Walks with Us. In this book, I’m writing down the Beyond the Veil’s Law of Attraction’s oral manual, which was taught to me between 2014-2016.  The Life or Death Situation explains how a group of spirits did an Intervention on me.

The power of our daily thoughts is enormous. They are the pen and paper that write the script for our tomorrow.  These scripts follow those who habitat the first three planes, after death. This theme I taught frequently through podcasts on Facebook Live. Our daily thoughts create tomorrow, and so it does mine. When you zoom into a limit you have just bought yourself a belt to hold up that limit, so it doesn’t fall from you. This fever showed me what belts I’ve been wearing lately, as well as the results. Aghast. Me?! Yes, I too slipped into defending for myself the concepts that fed the ‘swimming pool of negativism’ in my life, through wearing muddy-color glasses that only pointed out the crud this world reveals.  The biggest sentence I used regularly that took the top notch on my belt, nobody is listening to me. Nobody was me. Man, I hit the brick wall, as I walked this fever. Out came new pens and color pencils, as I laid in bed, and watched myself write and draw new scenes on my walls. I threw the belts away, so my life can breathe and not be constricted. I set myself free.

A Native American friend of mine said you had a Shamanic dream. I respect her explanation. As I see it, I died in this flue, walked the fever and re-designed my life. Can you?

I believe all I’m writing, via blogs or books, can aid you. Don’t be afraid to look at how you have painted today, yesterday and tomorrow. You can change it.

Spirit can do an intervention. Though I didn’t give out their techniques, you can read how this transpired in my book. Book two, with the oral manual written, will be available sometime this spring.

A Life or Death Situation

We can create a new world for us. I’m proof. I’m also proof we slip up, so don’t beat yourself up. Thank you for reading my blog. Jaz.

Author: hippieghostband

Jasmine Renee Abbott is a paranormal romance writer, whose twist is, she threads her own experiences throughout the book. Rich in beyond the veil experiences throughout her life, she has a lot of material to share with us. Jasmine Renee Abbott is also the Medium for the spirit group called Hippie Ghost Band, who she occasionally channels through Facebook live videos. Jasmine Renee Abbott is the author of these publications, which can be found on Amazon.

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