When God changes the Life of a Human and Eleven Spirits, Lookout

Tuesday, January 2nd, 2018

This is an excerpt from a FaceBook Podcast of great importance. The spirit group took over at the 18:08 mark.

Why Are We Here. Eleven Entities Speak Out


Hello everybody. It’s John.

Our message is not for the collective whole.Many believe in anti, lightworkers, 333, 222 etc. we are not a part of this. We just landed here and we are opening an artistic colony for people who can detach from these beliefs. We are just building a world here.

We are building a new world here, but we cannot stand behind what people are doing, which is the old ways. We are not of the divine archangels. God brought us here and we are singing a different song.

In Twin Flames, the book Jasmine wrote, you will understand what the Ghost Train is about. Other dimensions are living with you. Merrick is Sam, a Crystal Fairy. We all came in at the time of Woodstock. We wanted to create a Woodstock nation. We know we screwed up. We have another way. We don’t need to push it, sell it. We are here to create the miracle of this universe. When you look at other people as sleeping,  you have made Divine Love wrong. You didn’t see the miracle.


Sam, from the Crystal Fairies and an expert tarot teacher talks. . The Tarot Devil is your subconscious of the morals, values, and rules handed to you through generations. We aren’t doing that. You are dealing with political mind,  our way is the only way. We don’t.

You can not create a different world when using the same way.  What you write about you create.

Don’t want to focus your energy on what you don’t want or against, because it grows.

Atlantas 1_4_2018 6_24_47 PM

Sam is showing the Smokey quartz glass,. it is the color of your earth. Nothing good is coming out of the earth. Even the description of an empath is negative. This is hypnotizing you, by telling you what to believe.  Here come these four jolly good guys and they aren’t here to save you. It’s hard to understand their message.

Sam still talking. You don’t see the broader world. You look through this smoky quartz.  (Look at pic) the black stone is all we see. Behind it, the crystal pyramid is right beside you, but you don’t see it. The meanings are the same, just a different word, but same meaning. you can’t save yourself as long as you live in this dark glass. This is not your world, but what you believe is.

Sam, mentioned being Merrick in Twin Flames.

The Twin Flame Prophecy

(As he talks, Sam is holding the smokey glass.).This is where we took Renee out of and put her here…The pyramid. See how much brighter and bigger.

The dark stone with love, painted by Jana. He put behind smoky quartz, cant see. We (Earth)don’t even know what love is.


Sam continues about Spirit changing their mind. Jasmine Renee was to be dead 2015. No hope for it  We even discourage friends to be around her, since we didn’t want them to think, maybe I could have saved her. She was to die. God changed Its mind and saved her, and told us to continue with what we were doing, training her to be a spirit guide intern for the 2 and 3rd levels Beyond the Veil. Instead of Beyond the Veil, we could do it here

What we created here, from 2013- 2105, It wanted us to create here. You are living in this dark crystal, while Jasmine, Jana, Sandy, her editor are living in the pyramid creating new growth.

When we aren’t with Jasmine Renee, we travel back to our homes.

Atlantas 1_4_2018 6_14_28 PM

Hippie Ghost Band go home. We do home. Crystal Fairies live here, Crystal Dragons live here, but we are living in this energy pyramid. Your energy is not conducive to ours, but we can live next to you and do it well. This is for the artist type, or doctors, farmers etc. we need you.

George takes over.

Every one of you is trying to fit into this dark crystal glass. Our world is an expansion. He is using the crystal chip necklace as the aura around all of us, on our new realm, and you hanging around us.

The difference between you and us; you are still looking to compare, while we are looking to gather people. We aren’t looking for people to be the same or to judge them. This is our world. Perhaps the ancients are coming back to create Earth Spirit Plane as it was supposed  to be.


Showing the Twin Flame, and the dark rainbow. The book covers both the Crystal Dragons and Crystal Fairies, who are represented in this book.

front cover II

The ghost train is what we came into . we had a message in the 70’s we erupted the universe, with our music. If you read the book you see what went wrong. (Note) Word processor made mistakes not editor. Book is still valid and important.)


The whole thing is we have something different here. We are comfortable living next door to you.. you have nothing to distort our image. We are fine. There are songs in this book that we wrote. Can you dig it? a bunch of us wrote songs. What was our intent in coming here in the 70’s.?  We have been given permission to teach this. God said, “I savedJasminee Renee . continue what you are doing.”


These stones are close to how our homes look. (The picture above) On our pyramid there is no sign, keep out, only for the awakening. We love you all. When renee took the Shamanci journey, over a week ago, she saw the miraculous in each of you.  She saw who she was. You are all this breathing energy of the miraculous.  S(John is showing the double terminated crystal) This is you. The baby out of the womb taking its first brith is birthing the I AM the Miracle and is here to experience its gifts, talents. It has zero to do with what is spirit or ego. The child is not brainwashed yet.

What would happen if we could connect our resources/ skills/ talents with those in physical form and create a new concept of money? Not the concept you have in this smokey gray bubble of this stone. This is where you all live. You are call it truth.

We have nothing to sell. We already created it, before Jasmine Renee started a year ago on these podcasts.

In 2015, can you imagine us waiting for that night she was to kill herself, but she didn’t and something changed? She walked and felt an energy shaft. This is written in the forth coming book

We don’t need to change you. We don’t need to tell you you are asleep or awake. Divine loves us all.

The other John talks. We all make mistakes. Most of us when we died ended up in the 2nd and 3rd realm. Its too low we cant go there anymore. This was were Jasmine Renee was going to help. We were hoping she would help our friends who have died and are stuck.

Everything changed, with this new order. We now have more people joining us here on this pyramid, and this is going to continue. Earth is a spirit plane. We don’t need to take the stairway to heaven anymore. She doesn’t need to climb that stariwary. She is here now. You don’t have to be Christian. Muslim, jewish , etc. you don’t have to believe in life after death. We don’t want to covert you. Just want you to be happy

Karen. Speaks. Welcome to your spirit plane you have come into a level where you can be on the 4th 5th 6 levels like beyond the veil here. it has started. Cosmic conscious saw the actions of those from the Crystal Kingdoms, and the hippies come together and created this platform. We are now building it. Do we reject you? No. if you lie to us, you lie to yourself. You just wont find the door.  It takes time to unplug from being own by that smoky glass, which is your devil. Before the term was spiritual now it is awakening. I have the right this, and you don’t. These thoughts are the properties of this smoky glass. It is not part of our world.

A lot of you have had near death experiences like Jasmine Renee. You gone to the light. But after taking her brother to the light and later seeing him getting high at bars, she learned you are lead by a thoughtform. The same one you lived on earth comes with you Beyond the Veil. This grey mist goes with you after death.

There are two Crystal kingdoms. I am not of either. I am a Spirit Wind. We are the umbrella working with them.

This movement of love and peace is now active in our pyramid. A whole new structure of love. Our thoughts create a new platform to grow our love. Instead of anti gmo. Our thoughts would be with healthy foods. We would be growing what we seek, not what we are against. The grey negative continues, and we are not stepping out to change it.. We found another way. It saved Jasmine, and let us all stay here, while others are joining.


John Talking Now. Speaking about spirit changing their mind. Yes, and we do cause people to pull their hair out.  A little over two years ago we didn’t know this was possible. We were helping to teach her to be a spirit guide intern. After Jasmine Renee’s death, the hippie ghost band would go back to their place The crystal fairies, who taught her astrology and tarot would go home. Crystal Dragons teachers of tarot would go home. This was our plane. That changed, as we were invited to stay here in this pyramid with Jasmine. We found in the physical our poet. Diane. We are tapping into those we need to be a part of the music, poetry, writing and everything else we can create. We will grow into a massiveness through love. We are creating our universe here. and The grey will stay. It won’t go away. We are not here to change you. If you are wishing, you can work towards this. Little at a time.  By the way, Jasmine lives with us in the pyramid. We are being joined by spirit and those still in flesh to continue this work. If Renee would have died, we would all headed home. Maybe say hi occasionally. Things can change. There are miracles.

We home this has helped and clarify what we are doing here.


Author: hippieghostband

Jasmine Renee Abbott is a paranormal romance writer, whose twist is, she threads her own experiences throughout the book. Rich in beyond the veil experiences throughout her life, she has a lot of material to share with us. Jasmine Renee Abbott is also the Medium for the spirit group called Hippie Ghost Band, who she occasionally channels through Facebook live videos. Jasmine Renee Abbott is the author of these publications, which can be found on Amazon.

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