What do the Hippie Ghost Band mean you can’t destroy Earth because it is a Spirit plane?

These topics were discussed last night on a Facebook podcast by he Hippie Ghost Band. The link to the video is provided at the end of this article.

What do the Hippie Ghost Band mean you can’t destroy Earth, because it is a spirit plane?

The Hippie Ghost Band claims our level of consciousness is identical to the first seven levels of spirit consciousness Beyond the Veil. When we die, we are still in the same consciousness field. We are still creating the same thoughtforms, so you can’t destroy it. Even, if dead, you are still living the same thoughtform.

This is why they were going to teach me how to Create a Reality, using Beyond the Veil’s version so I can start helping those on the third consciousness level to create heaven. As you might have read, Divine Love stepped in and kept me alive here on earth and invited these eleven spirits to help create heaven here. This is why they are here.

As of February 2018, we now have grown a heaven on earth that includes a handful of mortals, which has brought forth the first heaven on the third consciousness level in the spirit world.

This is the first time that spirit level has a heaven. Why is this good? The majority of us end up on this level. We are still living the thoughtform we used in our physical form.

It’s exciting news. How does one know this is true? Follow my story. It reveals how death and I had a date, but now I’m living a different life.

We are not a cult, religion and have nothing to follow. It’s a tough road. You don’t realize your life is not yours, it is a thoughtform handed down to you by centuries of ancestors. We act like puppets daily and claim the right to not think for ourselves because we now are living breathing clones.

Your life is a thoughtform, which is the essence of your present-day life.

This you can stop. The effort is worth it. First, let go of seeking attention. That is hard because we all seek it. I have been taught to not feed into anyone’s seeking attention, for this is the rope that keeps them a prisoner to their clonehood.

Your life is a thoughtform, which is the essence of your present-day life.

To hear the podcast, please follow this link. Creating Heaven on Earth

To read about my spirit intervention, this book offers the 1st part. When I wrote it, I didn’t know this was more than an intervention.

Thank you for reading my blog.

Jasmine Renee Abbott


A Life or Death Situation


Viewing Our Attachments in the Tarot of Living Village

February 3, 2018

The chill in the air left me as I got to the middle of the footbridge going towards Tarot Living Village. A feeling of warm took its place, and restfulness filled my body. As I stepped off the bridge, I noticed tucked into a grove of trees a sign that mentioned, Rest Stop Here. What a beautiful spot. a variety of yellow flowers grew around each of the three park benches.

“Perfect. I will sit and relax.”

As I sat on the middle bench, I noticed a willow tree that had three cards on it. They were not Tarot but Inspirational. These cards were created by Sandra Anne Taylor. I eased them off the branches and laid them beside me on the bench. Seventh Chakra, Archangel Uriel, Healer of the Ages and Attachments.

“Hmm. Interesting combo. Seventh Chakra deals with higher levels of energy. It is located at the ‘soft spot/baby spot’ on our head, and often known as the crown chakra. Standing next to the Healer of all ages, I would feel I’m being told to become mindful during my resting/relaxing period of what goes through my mind so I can seek a healing for it. What these two cards are saying is to use my rest/break times to become mindful. Hmm, mindful of what? Do these inspirational cards have a direction they wish me to focus? Attachments is the third card. To be mindful of my concepts that I am attached to in my present life. Are they old patterns, or new? Do they deplete or give me energy? Do we get ‘high’ from drama? Does it keep us going, and having topics to discuss with others? Are we attached to the attention surrounding it? if I answered yes to any of these questions, taking this rest period to request the strings attached to them be healed would be of benefit.

What a beautiful message. I can use my rest-times as a healing time from areas that are working against my spirit path. all I have to do is ask.

I hope your day is wonderful, and this inspiring message helps you.

Jasmine Renee

The Bridge to Tarot Living

February 2, 2018

As I started to step on the Bridge to Tarot Living, I noticed the first board was a tad loose. As I bend down, to check what was causing this, I noticed a tarot card stuck in the crack.  Gently I pulled on it, so it wouldn’t rip, and saw it was the 10 of Swords. “Oh Boy! What does it mean?”

A voice from the other side spoke. “The Bridge is closed today for you. You must go back and see what pieces are still stabbing you from your past. Find the cards that will reveal the truth, and start to work on them.”


Dishearten, I turned and walked three paces, and saw a large rock. I felt compelled to sit on it. stretching out my legs, I let my feet kick a few stones to the side. There was laid the first card.

The tarot card, 5 of Pentacles. I picked it up, and it spoke to me. What or who stole your light and thunder, because you travel a different road? Leave its presence here. Now, who honored and traveled your road without judgment? Carry them in your heart and heal this energy of lack of support.

I sat for seemed like the morning and contemplated these two questions. As the sun rose to its highest level, I stood up, and left those who judged my path on the rock, and blessed them. I walked away from the rock carrying those in my heart who continued to walk beside me without judgment or manipulation. I was set free, around 2:00 p.m.

I continued walking back to my home, with a tone in my heart. “I will take you there”, from Kashmir, by Led Zepplin.. I’m grateful that the Tarot people and my guides revealed this truth.

An oak tree covered with day old snow dropped an acorn on my head. I watched it roll off and rolled to what appeared to be a picture. Another tarot card that laid face down appeared at that spot.  The major arcana card Strength showed herself, as I turned the card over. A dried oak leave gave me the instruction for this card. Find the core within you, so it can tame the beast the frightens you.

“What is this core, “I thought? Picking up this leaf with great care, I notice another message was itched in the ground under it.

The core is in giving the World Shelter. This is the path your spirit always walks. Align the ego path so they join. The ego path is the beast that scares you.

I stood with tears staring at this old oak tree, and asked, “May I hug you and give you my love?” The ground shook in a pleasure of yes. I hugged the tree and wept, until no tears were left. Then, I reached into my corduroy jacket’s pocket, and put a pink quartz crystal on the tree’s heart and kissed the tree. “I will now plant this near your roots. Please accept my gift of gratitude.

As I begin the last part of my walk home another tarot card revealed itself, in the sky The 10 of cups showered love on me, as it called me, family. We are of those that love you and walk this path, along with those in human -form. You now have washed away the 10 of swords and became the 10 of cups. The Wheel of Fortune, the major arcana card of our Tarot World has turned for you today. Go forth and spread shelter of love.

The sky stayed lite up in ever hue of a rainbow, as it created a new bridge for the Tarot Living World. I heard one of that world speak, “Now our world well known to others. The bridge can be found in all hearts, when they let go of the 10 of Swords, and embrace giving everyone shelter.

I enjoy sharing this world with you.Yes, it does exist. I hope these blogs will encourage you to ask the same questions presented by the daily cards. Have a lovely day.

Jasmine Renee

An Intentional Community Apartment

An Intentional Community Apartment


Monday woke me up with her gentle grace, but I sniffed the energy and knew I awoke in another zoo. What zoo is this? What is the meaning of it?  The gentleness, slow pace of my mornings didn’t exist. I needed help. A rarity for me to ask, but Monday I did, and what awaited me shocked me.

Monday, January 15th, 2018 ushered in a new period of existence. The day went, without much of a hitch, until my guest asked would I like to go to grab a hamburger? A simple request, and at one of my favorite hamburger joints, I said yes.  I walked through the gate to get into her truck and was greeted by her husband and daughter. To my surprise, her daughter treated us to dinner. We dropped the husband back home so he could fulfill his obligations that evening, and I invited her daughter to come over with her mother. Nothing too exciting was planned. I figured a nice low-key night, which could aid this feeling, I woke up in another zoo.  Little did I know what was about to reveal itself.

My friend’s daughter and I have met a few times, but I never discussed the type of channeling I do. There was no intent to channel that night, or so I thought. My spirit group came out and instantly it was noticeable I froze-up in front of strangers. They came up with a game plan, which included both ladies, and that night I was informed,

“You will create an Intentional Apartment, where can channel for people, and build our communities.”

They left, and my mind stayed active throughout the night. How do I turn a small four-room apartment into sections? How do I create blocks of space for people to do diversify activities? Tuesday morning the answers started to appear, with rearranging my bedroom. I also created a room divider using my coffee table, since a newer one was arriving Wednesday night. Tuesday my friend called, to inform me her husband and daughter could bring a few things over. It would be a great time for me to try to channel. .After hanging up, I put my shoes on and went to the store and bought a few items for dinner. We would eat, and I would channel, or reverse. I channel better on an empty stomach, and they were kind to wait till I was done., It went smooth. A lot better than I expected. The next night they brought the rest of the furnishings, and we sat down and chat.

I waited to sage all the new pieces, till after they left. I saged everything, from new to used that comes in my house, since other’s energies stay on items. I don’t know whose energies are there. After I sage, I took a short video of my living room and placed it on Facebook.  A friend pm said watch the video at the end because there is an energy orb. I looked at it and sure was. It went straight to two crystals on the table. The large no shape crystal also used to demonstrate a replica of where the Crystal Dragons lived, and the pyramid crystal right beside it. The Crystal Fairy home replica it did not go too. We got to see the two crystal dragons who often channel through me. I’ve included the video for you to examine.

Energy Orb at the end of video

Life’s zoo still remained a mystery. My house now completely changed, and I figured for my out of town company coming next week. I figured wrong. Today, Saturday, January 20, 2018, I received a phone, from a woman I met in October. Though we played phone tag, we never caught each other until today. I met her at a Health Fair and felt strongly to gift her my book. That was on October 14th. Prior to that, I was told by spirit, to have this book ready and in my hand by October 14th. I just mentioned the other day, I’m not sure what this was all about, but if need be, I’ll find out. I trusted my spirit group to disclose any information if needed. Today, out of the blue she called. We talked for the first time, without interruption. She accepted my invite for next Saturday when a group of people is coming. As we were about to say goodbye, she asked if I wanted to get together. I was hesitant, would they wish me to channel tonight? Would these be a channel gathering or just an evening gathering? My one spirit invited her to come. She was a bite taken at first when a male with an English accent invited her. He identifies himself, as my spirit guide.

Tonight, I start to open the apartment for its main intention, a gathering to build communities of heaven.

Now, you know why I have slacked off from writing. There was much preparing to do this week, and yes, I am living in a different zoo. The zoo that attracts those who wish to build a heaven, right beside those who have built hell here on earth.

Enclosed is another video that shows the Intentional Community Apartment

Intentional Community Apartment

Till I have more to report, enjoy your day


Jasmine Renee



Sunday Brunch with Hippie Ghost Band & Friends

Tarot Daily Inspirational Cards.


These cards are pulled during my Facebook podcast. I am starting to share them on my website, so others can contemplate the cards, the meanings given and use them as they see fit.

As described in about me, I am a medium/channeler for the Hippie Ghost Band and Friends. Today the message was delivered by Sam, Sarah and Betty, all from different dimensions. I hope you do enjoy.

I have included the Facebook podcast They channeled through me speaking about Intentional groups, communities and other topics that relate to this subject.

Jasmine Renee Abbott


The Star card is in the Center. The 8 of pentacles on the left and the


Sam talking. “The Daily Inspiration. This is for you to take what you want and leave the rest behind. We are just offering our inspiring messages.”

The put into three piles. The Center card is the Star.

The middle card is what you can use as a key to open many doors or close doors.

The Star. Your Universe is not this shrunk up little place. (They are using crystals to demonstrate.)  Sam, introduces Sara.

Sara. Your Universe you live in is very vast. You are just as vast as the Universe.

Betty now is invited into this.

Betty, The Star also represents. You got yourself on this stage. You have written this script. You have made your world as vast or limited as you mind can go. Today, you are walking on this stage without any props.  There is no past or future. Just you on this empty stage. Let’s bring your mind to the vastness of this stage by viewing the passive/receptive and feminine part.

Left card: This card is the 8 of Pentacles 

Sam “ The 8 is saying you might need to learn new skills, especially if you are living off of same patterns. Patterns often passed down to you through centuries.


Concept. Sam still talking. : Jasmine was watching a movie and watched people walking in NYC. She realized each person is walking in their own world, not joint to the other ‘s world around them. You walk daily in your heaven or hell.”

“What vastness would you paint on your new stage? First is to find what old patterns will you bring in on your stage. This you will do, because it is all you know. The 8 of pentacles is saying to unplug from one pattern at this tie and learn a different.”

Off topic by Sam.” If you can find Uranus in your birth chart, in the house it is placed, you will discover your spirit’s personality. This is the house you came here to help create a change in your life. This is where patterns were going to be changed.”

*Note. Sam taught me a lot about Astrology and Tarot. I will be addressing this separately at another time. Finding Uranus though helped me to understand why I came to earth.


The Next card shows, what card represents an action to take. Lovers.

Lovers though often relationship also means what is profound in your life? What do you need to put on this stage, the Star , and distinguish what is sacred in your life? We aren’t talking about your job, but your life path. This can be found when you locate Uranus and start to unteach yourself from the data your family and their family gave them.

The rest of this, when into Uranus. You can listen to this part of the podcast.

As a reading of inspiration today, these three cards, Star, 8 of pentacles and the Lovers are speaking of learning what our life path is, and how we can make choices to create this on our own stage. Using these three cards, in a reading, I would state this:

The Star represents you have a need to make a goal come true.. To do so, the 8 of Pentacles is telling you to start at the beginning. Look at what you have done before. Are you using the same methods, and coming up empty-handed? If so, you need to switch your patterns. The Lovers is telling you right now you have a choice. The Profound or Profane. It is time to change your life or continue on the course you have taken before. The 8 of pentacles hold your answer and direction.

The podcast at the 15-minute mark or so, and to about 20 minutes has more on Uranus. At this time, if interested you can listen at this interval.

Part two of their Podcast

We are starting to create concept communities with the Intentional design. We will be creating a few over the next couple years. Some of these communities will be traveling communities. Jasmine had a vision of an RV with Hippie Ghost Band on it. We will have a variety of these.

How can we handle different personalities?

Let’s examine intentional communities.

Our intention, in the beginning, was to teach her to be a spirit guide. others came in the first year, a few others later. This was our objective. We weren’t happy about it. coming back to earth’s energy is hard, and she was at the lower energies here.

The crystal fairy came and they were able to elevate some of the energy. Yet, it was really difficult. Our intent was to make her a guide.

Our intention grew in love. How did we though get along? We had both crystal kingdoms here, the hippie ghost band, her husband, and others. We never worked all together. We did have conflicts.

The hate in your world is choking outside of your world. This brought the Crystal kingdoms into the picture. To protect their dimensions. These dimensions are right beside earth. Your hate and belief to be hateful is the only way is working towards our places. We don’t have hate. It is now acting like a virus. Your viruses is also part of this hate. If Jasmine could help us, with helping those on the other side, beyond the veil, this could help us.

We didn’t hate. We did have anger and embraced, but there was no hate or let me get you. We learned how to work with other. We got along and grew a community. It had one purpose. To help those in your world who have died to help stop this hate beyond the veil.

Around the 30 minute mark, on the podcast, they explained how they started to call others to join. Sandy, they mentioned.

Anna Still talking. We put ourselves on this new stage. We were scared to come here. It is so filled with hate. Our intent though manifested love, before we were asked to stay.

When Divine asked us to come and grow this love. We weren’t’ asked to bring a change, be messiahs, but just to grow heaven.

36-minute mark they are showing the difference of energies. I can’t transcribe this.

We aren’t better. We understand most people on earth believe in being saved in some way. Their way is only. We can’t help that. We will just grow heaven.

We are here. We each went through the 2nd and 3rd level. We know what death is.  We wanted to create a new hippie community on this side. We didn’t ever expect the chance to come back and do this here on earth.

It’s started. We have our group then a new group came about with humans, and visionary hippies group became an intentional community. It’s spreading. We are doing this.


Sarah spoke about her connection with Wally and Me. When the Hippie Ghost Band realized Sarah’s and Wally’s connection they were shocked. This they had to view in this new community. This area confused the group. Wally and Sarah are mates. I adore her. Never stirred any bitterness. I guess I am to find a new mate and they wonder about Wally. He said this is too much for me to carry on shoulders by myself. He is happy when this happens. This is one major area they have been dealing with through this time.


We are just growing heaven. We are only doing podcasts. We aren’t doing fliers or advertising. Don’t apply. We know who we want. At end of the year, we will record these records.

The Twin Flame Prophecy book

front cover II

John talking. This book talks about the Intentional Community This book is your history. More important and valuable than your favorite food. This is the only mandatory thing we seek from anyone wanting to be a part of this. Read the book. It is that important. It is the intentional community. The Ghost Train is I here. It is not that expensive.  You can order on Amazon.

We laughed. She wrote about Intentional communities but couldn’t understand the Editor’s ideas. Ours will be many types. We won’t be one design. The hippies were not just designed for artist and poets. was designed for people to be part of a community. The hardest part is personality conflicts. Renee experienced this in communes.

Sam talking: We know how to deal with personality conflicts, subject conflicts. Ego conflicts. Ego is not a bad thing. it is the computerized concept in your brain. Doesn’t matter where it came from, blood or not. The tarot card Hierophant represents this. We are changing its meaning. we see so many people get stuck in this Hierophant that they learned and get lost.

John talking. We still are unplugging. But, because we have died, we know what works and what doesn’t. we wanted to bring a hippie community in the 60’s 70’s but we acted from the Hierophant. Anti-establishment was the only way. We were wrong.

Look around has this change? No, it grew. Your negativism has grown 50 % more. The Internet could have been your Hippie Kingdom, Woodstock, but instead of love and peace, it managed to up hate 50 % with all this anti. You didn’t do the Rumi, you did the hate and have a mess.

All we are doing is to stay here and continue to build a heaven. The Hippie Ghost band came first because of the negative energy. The Crystal Kingdoms are now coming out because of these people who are creating this with us. It is them that showed us we were taking seriously. They started to grow I am Love. J

We, through Jasmine, showed you the proper way of doing a healing, which the Crystal kingdoms taught her. We didn’t tell her to do this. She did it with Jana and is doing this for another little girl. People are open to another way.

We aren’t the first. You have people talking about all this. We aren’t new. We are the first to create this (heaven) and for Divine to say continue to grow love on earth

Have you noticed it has been recently you never met Anna of the Crystal Fairies or Sara of the Crystal Dragons? We are so protected because we love them. This small group of people shows us, love. We are right now speaking of a 6-7 frequency. We can’t see what you are typing. We have to be hi so the others can come through.  If it just the hippie ghost band we can channel on 4 -5th. But when we come all together we are the highest we can go.


Irv talking. I love these dragon people. Sarah told Renee she would find this white feather. Next day this just feel in front of her feet. Sarah gifted her the storyteller feather. This was given to her 2 yrs after her spirit came back.

Those who joined us and didn’t see the musicians as icons I’m grateful. I love them as brothers. This is where Renee lives with us. She doesn’t have a family. We did a campaign at the end of November. She will not go surviving being alone. she decided a community, but could only see a house. We have had many types of houses. We do have one design in mind and getting the pictures on it. A few are going to Prescott to check out the energy, not the land. We are with you every day.  We are supporting our community with love. We aren’t supporting what most live in the negative.


I am love is what we are doing and started. We sent the ET call home, and Sandy got hold of Jasmine. We are all on the same path. Lisa, editor, and land, Diane, a poet is learning. Jana is only one who can communicate with us, and she ‘s dead. Jasmine and her share a guide. we are all connected to “It’s called love. We don’t need to advertise. We don’t believe what u call Divine Being, or if you are an atheist. We just want to help you grow your passion.


How do I know what I am here for? This is what we are offering you this month. For $55 dollars get a reading about this year. we can live beside you, in this negative. We can live beside you all. Do what you wish. We aren’t invested in you. We are invested in love. We are invested in growing communities that want to grow love.

We have learned how to deal with each other, and Jasmine is learning this. We taught her about the slick hand personality. She learned it well. She and we have been teaching others this past year and a small community grow. If Jasmine didn’t come out to do a podcast. This wouldn’t exist. It will always be about Jasmine because, without her, we can’t do this. We choose to not channel through another. We will never channel through another. We might train Lisa, for down the road. People believed they channel me and they never did.

People believe they can channel and don’t know what they are getting. It’s so easy to fake us. We all have a connection with her.

Bonham, she had to google my name. She didn’t know who I was.

People are going into cults who someone is channeling an ascended someone, and yet they want to keep your child and make yu go. Do understand. You are letting a 2nd and 3rd level entity takes over. Stop the crap.

Have we ever come to you and say we will show you the awaken path, while the rest sleep? No. we not about that. We just want love, man. We just are dirty freaks who want to grow love. We are musicians, writers, and poets who screwed up while living. We let Jasmine know this so she can teach those after she died. Still, Bonham talking. Now we can let you know. You can support anti all you want. It doesn’t need your support because it controls you and your life. You are a puppet. It controls you. As you often have heard it often is an illusion but often delusional.

Money talk


We are creating a different concept of money. Money is a blessing to a musician and you will pay a lot for a dead guitarist guitar or go to their concert. That is good. Same for a ballplayer. But the rest is evil.

People wont keep the lotto money they don’t want to go to hell.

We don’e see money as evil or any new concept, or bartering. We are not interested in new money concepts. Our intent, the groups is

Other are looking for a new intent of creating money. We aren’t interested. That creation still has the negative in it. the 3 percent have all the monehy.


Our intent is to fizzle out the money currency money. You created the thoughtform. It did not creat you/ those who didn’t have as much money created the thoughtform and now you are a dummy, living with strings. Mmost of your life is this way. Doesn’t have to be the energy of money. Energy of anything.

We are creating the energy of love, and respect. Not one right way. Irrv is still Jewish and happy tripping on his long beard writing poetry. He isn’t pushing. We aren’t’ we all know what happens after death. We choose. Crystal fairies and dragons don’t have our gods. They are doing what they want. They though are teaching us crystal light energy. The dragons are also teaching us. we are a community. Nobody is one up on us.

Lennon like how you put that Bonham. We are all just one community. They still don’t live on earth, but they are living on the 4th, 5th, 6th levels with renee and us. We are staying here.

Bohnam speaking : If the crystal families want to go visit their kingdoms they go visit. We sometimes are all gone, but we are always linked, in case someone needs our help. We never said you got to do this or that. Only thing we aren’t is anti. We aren’t growing this. We are groing our intent:

Land that has good food and they will cook for Jasmine and us. Yes we like to eat.

We will probably be in the courthouse in a large community village

An example

People coming together. Playing with our music, rewiritng the lyrics , writing the music/notes. Then we going to practice it at our community. This book. Twin Flames that actually contains music from George Harrison, John Lennon and John Bonham and that the Woodstock Nation never ended. We learned another way and we created it while here. and it created another birth. 1:24 on podcast demonstration

We are remaking the Hierophant. What are your social morals? Are you still continuing on this or create a new Hierophant.

Our Hierophant is creating love  and Peace. If they want to be paid, we will honor this. A wirter, artist concept is not known until death. This is the thoughtform of the old Hierophant. You will be the starving artist is in this old Hierophant. We are changing the thoughtform. The energy value is the same and equal to the top musicians and ballplayers…in other words the concept is positive not the negative.

We are changing the Hierophant role to bring back what we wanted. We died. We understand where our mistakes came from we now know how a thoughtform controls us after death. I didn’t know I died. I was still thinking I was traveling. Irv was getting high off his sis. We are in the light than it ends. Like a


good acid trip. The thoughtform that controlled us on earth controlled us. We got out of it. now it’s even worse. We can’t go into that energy level, beyond the veil.

We are teaching love and peace. It calls for a lot of unplugging. First everyone wants to convince my way is the only way. this is the 14 th century belief and you are stuck in it.

This book, is about all this. The first hippie community. The ghost trains. We died. Divine Love brought Renee’s spirit back and we now are growing our heaven. It saw hoe. We built love. I said. Huh?

Bonham is correct. We all went huh. But you don’t say no to Divine Love. We moved her to Arizona. We put it together.” George spoked



We now feel the first love. Not from those who made us into tiny shiny balls. This came from those who loved us. They stepped out of the Hierophant old way. They grew the first platform of love. This was done in less than 1 yr time. We got those who are building this with us. We got visionary Hippies as our internet intentional community. They didn’t feed us bullshit. We can smell it a mile away.  What we didn’t expect was to feel their love. If this didn’t manifest the Crystal Kingdoms are standing beside us.

Anna and Sara of both Crystal Kingdoms, /


Ballery Cooper and Linda Youngblood love in the direction of Visionary made us willing to come out with our love. Anna, Sam and

Love is within the purple & pinks in the greys and black. It has no boundaries. It has no this way or that, but weaves its colors majestically. Sara. Happy Dragon

The Hippie Ghost Band We love hyou. We are redoing the concept of money so we can help these ladies in their dreams. You showed us. Love.


Cynthia. Hello. you showed us love that is beyond what we ever felt on earth plan. We felt it through these crystal beings and now you. We thank you.

The End. Thank you for reading

Facebook Podcast where this transcript originated.

Twin Flame Prophecies

Jaz Tarot Facebook Page

When God changes the Life of a Human and Eleven Spirits, Lookout

Tuesday, January 2nd, 2018

This is an excerpt from a FaceBook Podcast of great importance. The spirit group took over at the 18:08 mark.

Why Are We Here. Eleven Entities Speak Out


Hello everybody. It’s John.

Our message is not for the collective whole.Many believe in anti, lightworkers, 333, 222 etc. we are not a part of this. We just landed here and we are opening an artistic colony for people who can detach from these beliefs. We are just building a world here.

We are building a new world here, but we cannot stand behind what people are doing, which is the old ways. We are not of the divine archangels. God brought us here and we are singing a different song.

In Twin Flames, the book Jasmine wrote, you will understand what the Ghost Train is about. Other dimensions are living with you. Merrick is Sam, a Crystal Fairy. We all came in at the time of Woodstock. We wanted to create a Woodstock nation. We know we screwed up. We have another way. We don’t need to push it, sell it. We are here to create the miracle of this universe. When you look at other people as sleeping,  you have made Divine Love wrong. You didn’t see the miracle.


Sam, from the Crystal Fairies and an expert tarot teacher talks. . The Tarot Devil is your subconscious of the morals, values, and rules handed to you through generations. We aren’t doing that. You are dealing with political mind,  our way is the only way. We don’t.

You can not create a different world when using the same way.  What you write about you create.

Don’t want to focus your energy on what you don’t want or against, because it grows.

Atlantas 1_4_2018 6_24_47 PM

Sam is showing the Smokey quartz glass,. it is the color of your earth. Nothing good is coming out of the earth. Even the description of an empath is negative. This is hypnotizing you, by telling you what to believe.  Here come these four jolly good guys and they aren’t here to save you. It’s hard to understand their message.

Sam still talking. You don’t see the broader world. You look through this smoky quartz.  (Look at pic) the black stone is all we see. Behind it, the crystal pyramid is right beside you, but you don’t see it. The meanings are the same, just a different word, but same meaning. you can’t save yourself as long as you live in this dark glass. This is not your world, but what you believe is.

Sam, mentioned being Merrick in Twin Flames.

The Twin Flame Prophecy

(As he talks, Sam is holding the smokey glass.).This is where we took Renee out of and put her here…The pyramid. See how much brighter and bigger.

The dark stone with love, painted by Jana. He put behind smoky quartz, cant see. We (Earth)don’t even know what love is.


Sam continues about Spirit changing their mind. Jasmine Renee was to be dead 2015. No hope for it  We even discourage friends to be around her, since we didn’t want them to think, maybe I could have saved her. She was to die. God changed Its mind and saved her, and told us to continue with what we were doing, training her to be a spirit guide intern for the 2 and 3rd levels Beyond the Veil. Instead of Beyond the Veil, we could do it here

What we created here, from 2013- 2105, It wanted us to create here. You are living in this dark crystal, while Jasmine, Jana, Sandy, her editor are living in the pyramid creating new growth.

When we aren’t with Jasmine Renee, we travel back to our homes.

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Hippie Ghost Band go home. We do home. Crystal Fairies live here, Crystal Dragons live here, but we are living in this energy pyramid. Your energy is not conducive to ours, but we can live next to you and do it well. This is for the artist type, or doctors, farmers etc. we need you.

George takes over.

Every one of you is trying to fit into this dark crystal glass. Our world is an expansion. He is using the crystal chip necklace as the aura around all of us, on our new realm, and you hanging around us.

The difference between you and us; you are still looking to compare, while we are looking to gather people. We aren’t looking for people to be the same or to judge them. This is our world. Perhaps the ancients are coming back to create Earth Spirit Plane as it was supposed  to be.


Showing the Twin Flame, and the dark rainbow. The book covers both the Crystal Dragons and Crystal Fairies, who are represented in this book.

front cover II

The ghost train is what we came into . we had a message in the 70’s we erupted the universe, with our music. If you read the book you see what went wrong. (Note) Word processor made mistakes not editor. Book is still valid and important.)


The whole thing is we have something different here. We are comfortable living next door to you.. you have nothing to distort our image. We are fine. There are songs in this book that we wrote. Can you dig it? a bunch of us wrote songs. What was our intent in coming here in the 70’s.?  We have been given permission to teach this. God said, “I savedJasminee Renee . continue what you are doing.”


These stones are close to how our homes look. (The picture above) On our pyramid there is no sign, keep out, only for the awakening. We love you all. When renee took the Shamanci journey, over a week ago, she saw the miraculous in each of you.  She saw who she was. You are all this breathing energy of the miraculous.  S(John is showing the double terminated crystal) This is you. The baby out of the womb taking its first brith is birthing the I AM the Miracle and is here to experience its gifts, talents. It has zero to do with what is spirit or ego. The child is not brainwashed yet.

What would happen if we could connect our resources/ skills/ talents with those in physical form and create a new concept of money? Not the concept you have in this smokey gray bubble of this stone. This is where you all live. You are call it truth.

We have nothing to sell. We already created it, before Jasmine Renee started a year ago on these podcasts.

In 2015, can you imagine us waiting for that night she was to kill herself, but she didn’t and something changed? She walked and felt an energy shaft. This is written in the forth coming book

We don’t need to change you. We don’t need to tell you you are asleep or awake. Divine loves us all.

The other John talks. We all make mistakes. Most of us when we died ended up in the 2nd and 3rd realm. Its too low we cant go there anymore. This was were Jasmine Renee was going to help. We were hoping she would help our friends who have died and are stuck.

Everything changed, with this new order. We now have more people joining us here on this pyramid, and this is going to continue. Earth is a spirit plane. We don’t need to take the stairway to heaven anymore. She doesn’t need to climb that stariwary. She is here now. You don’t have to be Christian. Muslim, jewish , etc. you don’t have to believe in life after death. We don’t want to covert you. Just want you to be happy

Karen. Speaks. Welcome to your spirit plane you have come into a level where you can be on the 4th 5th 6 levels like beyond the veil here. it has started. Cosmic conscious saw the actions of those from the Crystal Kingdoms, and the hippies come together and created this platform. We are now building it. Do we reject you? No. if you lie to us, you lie to yourself. You just wont find the door.  It takes time to unplug from being own by that smoky glass, which is your devil. Before the term was spiritual now it is awakening. I have the right this, and you don’t. These thoughts are the properties of this smoky glass. It is not part of our world.

A lot of you have had near death experiences like Jasmine Renee. You gone to the light. But after taking her brother to the light and later seeing him getting high at bars, she learned you are lead by a thoughtform. The same one you lived on earth comes with you Beyond the Veil. This grey mist goes with you after death.

There are two Crystal kingdoms. I am not of either. I am a Spirit Wind. We are the umbrella working with them.

This movement of love and peace is now active in our pyramid. A whole new structure of love. Our thoughts create a new platform to grow our love. Instead of anti gmo. Our thoughts would be with healthy foods. We would be growing what we seek, not what we are against. The grey negative continues, and we are not stepping out to change it.. We found another way. It saved Jasmine, and let us all stay here, while others are joining.


John Talking Now. Speaking about spirit changing their mind. Yes, and we do cause people to pull their hair out.  A little over two years ago we didn’t know this was possible. We were helping to teach her to be a spirit guide intern. After Jasmine Renee’s death, the hippie ghost band would go back to their place The crystal fairies, who taught her astrology and tarot would go home. Crystal Dragons teachers of tarot would go home. This was our plane. That changed, as we were invited to stay here in this pyramid with Jasmine. We found in the physical our poet. Diane. We are tapping into those we need to be a part of the music, poetry, writing and everything else we can create. We will grow into a massiveness through love. We are creating our universe here. and The grey will stay. It won’t go away. We are not here to change you. If you are wishing, you can work towards this. Little at a time.  By the way, Jasmine lives with us in the pyramid. We are being joined by spirit and those still in flesh to continue this work. If Renee would have died, we would all headed home. Maybe say hi occasionally. Things can change. There are miracles.

We home this has helped and clarify what we are doing here.



December 28, 2017

As I finish up Surviving the holidays or not, I must admit I did not survive. I zoomed through the safety of knowing what my life is and walked out the gate, figuratively.

The last ten days of this holiday season plagued me with the flu. A temperature remained during these ten days and filled me with the sense that we are all miracles. Part of me feared this fever leaving, for I have never experienced such peace and love within me and outside of me.

One morning I awoke and spoke to Divine and mentioned I want to do tarot readings. I’ve been a professional reader for over forty years. Retirement took place six years ago, when I reached burn-out. Now, I craved to lay tarot cards for others, using the techniques part of these eleven entities taught me. They are known as the Crystal Fairies. I’m delighted and surprised about this. Why the change?

I stopped living as a person who only survives. I walked my talk, and received so much more when I walked out of my garden and through that figurate gate. Change happened. I got onto Facebook and created a page for my service, and been enjoying doing Collective Consciousness readings, where the tarot reading applies to everyone. I now am also doing private readings.

This transformation occurred when I accepted entirely that  Divine Love saved my life and put me and eleven entities on a mission. What would you do if Divine Love- God saved your life and sent you back to earth, with eleven entities to do a mission?

I will continue to blog my experiences and feel welcome to read and share. I would love to hear your story too.

Please check out my Facebook Page, and listen to the daily podcasts readings for the collective community, known as us.

Jaz Tarot

Thank you for reading my blog,

Jasmine Renee