Viewing Our Attachments in the Tarot of Living Village

February 3, 2018

The chill in the air left me as I got to the middle of the footbridge going towards Tarot Living Village. A feeling of warm took its place, and restfulness filled my body. As I stepped off the bridge, I noticed tucked into a grove of trees a sign that mentioned, Rest Stop Here. What a beautiful spot. a variety of yellow flowers grew around each of the three park benches.

“Perfect. I will sit and relax.”

As I sat on the middle bench, I noticed a willow tree that had three cards on it. They were not Tarot but Inspirational. These cards were created by Sandra Anne Taylor. I eased them off the branches and laid them beside me on the bench. Seventh Chakra, Archangel Uriel, Healer of the Ages and Attachments.

“Hmm. Interesting combo. Seventh Chakra deals with higher levels of energy. It is located at the ‘soft spot/baby spot’ on our head, and often known as the crown chakra. Standing next to the Healer of all ages, I would feel I’m being told to become mindful during my resting/relaxing period of what goes through my mind so I can seek a healing for it. What these two cards are saying is to use my rest/break times to become mindful. Hmm, mindful of what? Do these inspirational cards have a direction they wish me to focus? Attachments is the third card. To be mindful of my concepts that I am attached to in my present life. Are they old patterns, or new? Do they deplete or give me energy? Do we get ‘high’ from drama? Does it keep us going, and having topics to discuss with others? Are we attached to the attention surrounding it? if I answered yes to any of these questions, taking this rest period to request the strings attached to them be healed would be of benefit.

What a beautiful message. I can use my rest-times as a healing time from areas that are working against my spirit path. all I have to do is ask.

I hope your day is wonderful, and this inspiring message helps you.

Jasmine Renee


December 28, 2017

As I finish up Surviving the holidays or not, I must admit I did not survive. I zoomed through the safety of knowing what my life is and walked out the gate, figuratively.

The last ten days of this holiday season plagued me with the flu. A temperature remained during these ten days and filled me with the sense that we are all miracles. Part of me feared this fever leaving, for I have never experienced such peace and love within me and outside of me.

One morning I awoke and spoke to Divine and mentioned I want to do tarot readings. I’ve been a professional reader for over forty years. Retirement took place six years ago, when I reached burn-out. Now, I craved to lay tarot cards for others, using the techniques part of these eleven entities taught me. They are known as the Crystal Fairies. I’m delighted and surprised about this. Why the change?

I stopped living as a person who only survives. I walked my talk, and received so much more when I walked out of my garden and through that figurate gate. Change happened. I got onto Facebook and created a page for my service, and been enjoying doing Collective Consciousness readings, where the tarot reading applies to everyone. I now am also doing private readings.

This transformation occurred when I accepted entirely that  Divine Love saved my life and put me and eleven entities on a mission. What would you do if Divine Love- God saved your life and sent you back to earth, with eleven entities to do a mission?

I will continue to blog my experiences and feel welcome to read and share. I would love to hear your story too.

Please check out my Facebook Page, and listen to the daily podcasts readings for the collective community, known as us.

Jaz Tarot

Thank you for reading my blog,

Jasmine Renee

You Are A Miracle Called Love

December 24, 2017


Today marks Christmas Eve, as well as my late husband’s birthday. This year I don’t grieve. As I mentioned two days ago, the fever, brought on by the flu, took me on a journey, where I too died and came back. I’m grateful I see the world through a different lens, which I wish to share with anyone who wants to listen.

I am a medium, whose ability to channel is my blessings. I am a bridge to those in the spirit realms, Beyond the Veil, to us. They wish to help use stop self-sabotaging by only surviving and remember we possess within us, love. Each of us contains a miracle call life within our body, and it is called Spirit.


We tend to keep our eyes gazing upon that which we don’t have, and miss the pulsating heartbeat of love others are sending to us. Figurately, every day, we send back peoples’ and animals’ love because it doesn’t fit in the three cups standing, which we keep our gaze on daily.

Our proclaim script of how love is real occupies one of these cups, who is obligated to send us their love, is in the 2nd cup, and last but not least, everyone who screw-up and hurt us is in the third cup. The fourth cup is larger and bursting out of the rim, look at me, look at me, yet our ego shuts down our spirit senses. We forgot what love is. We see it through rose-color glasses of should and ropes to control or be control.

The survivor inhales from those three cups sitting, while the Spirit reaches out to the one lingering in the air. We just need to step out of those patterns that have roped us into misery.

The eleven spirits I channel speak of the Silver Platter we each received upon birth. Unfortunately, this platter follows many to the other side. We can start to unplug from those three cups, and quietly become receptive to the love we are receiving daily from many people. We can stop sending back their love unopened and rejected.

A Fever within a Fever, Stop deluding yourself

December 22, 2017


This week I had company. A fever that attached itself to the Flu. Within this fever I walked for three days, guiding it, leading it and using it to create the death of a pattern so dear to me. Figuratively, I washed the walls, representing me, of aspects I don’t choose to carry anymore. This all stemmed from starting  the blog series, How to Survive or Not during the Holidays and book two of the Series; The Spirit World Walks with Us. In this book, I’m writing down the Beyond the Veil’s Law of Attraction’s oral manual, which was taught to me between 2014-2016.  The Life or Death Situation explains how a group of spirits did an Intervention on me.

The power of our daily thoughts is enormous. They are the pen and paper that write the script for our tomorrow.  These scripts follow those who habitat the first three planes, after death. This theme I taught frequently through podcasts on Facebook Live. Our daily thoughts create tomorrow, and so it does mine. When you zoom into a limit you have just bought yourself a belt to hold up that limit, so it doesn’t fall from you. This fever showed me what belts I’ve been wearing lately, as well as the results. Aghast. Me?! Yes, I too slipped into defending for myself the concepts that fed the ‘swimming pool of negativism’ in my life, through wearing muddy-color glasses that only pointed out the crud this world reveals.  The biggest sentence I used regularly that took the top notch on my belt, nobody is listening to me. Nobody was me. Man, I hit the brick wall, as I walked this fever. Out came new pens and color pencils, as I laid in bed, and watched myself write and draw new scenes on my walls. I threw the belts away, so my life can breathe and not be constricted. I set myself free.

A Native American friend of mine said you had a Shamanic dream. I respect her explanation. As I see it, I died in this flue, walked the fever and re-designed my life. Can you?

I believe all I’m writing, via blogs or books, can aid you. Don’t be afraid to look at how you have painted today, yesterday and tomorrow. You can change it.

Spirit can do an intervention. Though I didn’t give out their techniques, you can read how this transpired in my book. Book two, with the oral manual written, will be available sometime this spring.

A Life or Death Situation

We can create a new world for us. I’m proof. I’m also proof we slip up, so don’t beat yourself up. Thank you for reading my blog. Jaz.


December 18, 2017

The flu decided to visit me these past few days. Though weak, I wanted to drop my thoughts on my Words. Building your new reality often meets with interference.  Somethings these are illnesses or family obligations, but most of the time it is your old thinking gluing you down. I have to stay observant to my thoughts, and what they are creating.

Illness is a norm when I am battling the more significant blocks. I took this period to imagine erasing blocks that barricade me going through the doorway.

In the effort of smashing down a block, I must be prepared to come up with creative ways to dissolve them. Family, friend or work obligations cannot act as an excuse for me.

This flu kept me down for three days. As a laid there, I saw an eraser floating in front of my doorway. I used my energy to move it, and erase the chains that were binding me to stay in survival mode. I will speak more on this tomorrow. In the meantime, perhaps you can focus on what you do to self-sabotage your plans?

How to Help a Depressed Person?



December 14, 2017

Depression is a grave issue. This I know, because I have walked that road throughout my life. April 24th, 2015, I planned to take my lifeInstead, my plans changed due to a Spirit intervention, which began in 2013. Those two years I spent in Spirit Therapy. 

Up to May 3rd, 2017, I believed these spirits came to do an intervention and save my life.  On May 3rd  seven hundred listeners learned the truth when they channeled (spoke) through me. “We did not come to perform an intervention. Our sole purpose was to teach Jasmine Renee to become an intern to other Spirit Guides in the second and third planes. These two planes contain those who have committed suicide or are addicted to drugs, alcohol, food and the list continues. These planes host those who are hurting in one way or another. We did not save her. Divine Love did.””

Instead of being flown home in a body bag on April 2015, I flew from Florida to Arizona November 2015.

There is life beyond depression, suicidal thoughts, and pain of all types. I’m not promising you utopia where there are no problems. I am still using the tools given to me by the Spirit World’s Law of Attraction and finding love, joy, and blessings, which I never believed existed.  Currently, I am writing book two of the series, The Spirit World Walks with us. A Life or Death Situation is available on Amazon, as a paperback and digital. It offers hope to those who are suffering.

What can you do to help someone suffering from depression? Teach them this.

I AM Love (This contains the Essense of Divine’s Love for all of us.)

I Am Sorry. ( This is an apology to ourselves and Divine for wanting to give up.)

I Love You. (This is Divine reminding you, you are loved.)

This method is vital for us who suffer depression because inside we don’t feel love. I recommend using the above 7x in one sitting, or as a mantra throughout the day.

Thank you for reading my blog.

Here is the link to A Life or Death Situation

A Life or Death Situation


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Jasmine Renee


My Emotions Are Screaming

December 13, 2017


Today I’m stationary. These past twelve days I crashed. I stepped backward, into my own retrograde. I sat and watched the old tapes of my life play out in my head, as well as out in the streets. Speechless. I sat or stood watching my pain passing by, screaming recognize me. Damn it, Jasmine, give me a name! Stop pushing me aside or buried within you, as you move through your day doing your survival dance. Stop it, Jasmine! Claim me, embrace me and Love me.


I did claim them, embrace and love them.  I let the ongoing weeping continue as each came towards me to be recognized. I accepted their/my pain, their/my hurt and the frigid fingers of fear because we were left behind. Standing in my home, with my mission statement to stop surviving and start creating my life, I reached out to each wound and kissed it. We wept together for feeling rejected. I spoke of my plan and watched as each crumbled emotions shift their focus. My body moved from being hunched over, to erect. I caught myself in the mirror, as I walked passed it, shoulders straight and spine straight. I haven’t seen this posture in years.  My rejected emotions were getting nourished with love and respect. There is a natural smile on my face, which replaced the fake smile. Faking it, became my leading force in my life. I stopped being what I chose to reveal, the happy and positive person, while shoving down these emotions of rejection, hurt, sorrow, pain, abandonment, isolation, and loneliness.

My retrograde period has ended, and I am now stationary.


Today, I am scheduled to do my video on my YouTube channel.  On the video, one might hear the weakness of my voice and perhaps a bit of cracking. My eyes might be misty from time to time. I will speak of stopping the merry-go-round of surviving and move to the creating. I have a purpose, and I’m walking my mission, yet weakness is still lingering. My mind, body, and spirit are positions in the stationary movement. We are getting over the catastrophe that led to our epiphany. It took all our energy to embrace our pain, and to come out the other side of this emotion. Love. Love and using the art of creating a better reality is now beating in our heart. Before we can do anything, we need to stay in this stationary spot. It is still a time of release and finding our balance, before we can move forward, or approach the direct movement. This type of movement is similar to our planets..  As a planet, we too go through these cycles. They can’t be pushed to go faster. Embracing the ride’s schedule is a solution.

Thank you for reading my blog. Please feel free to respond. If you wish further information please visit this link My Youtube channel


Jasmine Renee