Beyond the Veil Step 4


Ho’oponopono with I Am Love

Hippie Ghost Band

.The Ho’oponopono was gifted to her in 1999. Iby a woman, not t though was missing instructions and understanding. She was sent that year to receive this healing technique, and  It laid dormant until we centered her life, in 2013.



                              Healing with the                                                     Ho’oponopono


As they stated, in 1999, I received a copy of the Ho’oponopono, when I went to Hawaii. The healing technique left many questions, and my hostess who presented it to me moved and we lost contact. I was forty-seven at that time. I carried the folder religiously everywhere I moved, except for one move. I was devastated to have lost it, but it did prompt me to do a search on Google. There it was and something new. A four sentence healing chant stared at me. The words came with music.

My next instructions from the spirit group came after I discovered the chant. I needed to do an in depth review of my dating years following Wally’s death. What personality trait accompanied the damsel in distress? People pleasing won first place.  It became my hope to snag a man, which hopefully would prevent me from dying alone.

My spirit group ordered me to chant these four sentences throughout the day. A healing slowly begin. It peeled away the people pleasure to the core issue. I would never amount to anything and I would need someone to take care of me.

Along with this, they had me watch videos of ocean waves, and I was instructed to say, I am loved. I am loving, which awoken me to understanding love surrounds me. Love circles us. This step helped me to connect to the concept of love. This circle became my constant remember I am loved. I am not to blame. Others are not to blame. We are all acting from old outmoded tapes. There are no victims when love guides you.

The Ho’oponopono helped me to work through blocks and patterns as I started to create a new reality. The reality I aimed to create was to become self-sufficient. I could live my life alone and be happy. . It took me three years to break the majority of these patterns. In the end, I moved from Florida to Arizona to begin a new life alone.

It was through holding myself accountable for my choices, without blaming myself, I discovered new meaning to life. My days of hate, shame, isolation, fear of being alone, and a zillion other emotions attached to the stigma of, not being good enough. Success came in a mixture of tiny, medium and large steps. My old patterns will shoot up, if I do not remain mindful of their sprouts and pull the weeds. I am responsible for honoring the authentic person within me. The one I’m finally getting to know.

I will be forever grateful to the Hippie Ghost Band’s contributions in showing me I lived through the lens of lies. The same false concepts to those who believed in them, and didn’t know better. We passed our fears to our children.  I had learned. No parent seeks to destroy their child. Out molded beliefs, which hold zero truth, has been the culprit. We can break this insanity. I am glad I put effort into it. It equaled the same energy output, when we choose to keep our patterns and lock ourselves into our private prison.

Included is a video I recently did with both I am love and the Ho’oponopono.

In Beyond the Veil’s course, coming this April, I will teach their specific instructions.



Ho’oponopono Excerise in Breaking Down Blocks


Breathe it and speak it, as you say the Ho’oponopono. Feel your breath crashing against the rocks, as you visualize the ocean. Say in mantra form; I Love You. I’m Sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you.

The Hippie Ghost Band presented this sequence, so each splash crashing the rock was felt by me. I did it while using the breath of exhaling to seven, inhaling to seven, with a seven-count pause between the exhalation and inhalation.

This is one method they taught me to help remove blocks. It can be helpful during the holidays when we come across our own barriers.

Peace be with you. I love you, and Thank you, Jasmine Renee




Ho’oponopono in Letting Go of a Negative Situation.

How does one walk on the Earth Heaven? What if I don’t like or love everyone? First of all, do know you are not required to like everyone. The love I speak of, in this blog, is unconditional, versus ego love. Some people genuinely hurt and abused me emotionally and mentally. I cannot let them into my life. There is no need to like or love them. Some people I prefer to not get close to out of choice. They never harmed me. This blog though deals with those who have hurt us. I do set us free, by doing a lot of Ho’oponopono for release and forgiveness.

To do this,  I imagine myself as a bird, any type, and put myself into an imaginary cage, to give to the Creator. At this point, I  ask for my negative emotions tied to this situation, known and not known, be cleansed. I also am known to do this to a person I have walked away from, so the Divine can cut all aka chords between them and me. I do bless the person and see them being taken away from me, in a balloon.

These are two separate actions taking place here. The problem is put into a bird cage, using any imaginary bird, so the Creator can cleanse the ties that had binded us. The balloon is me sending their image away in love and peace.

The chant of the Ho’oponopono

I Love You (Oh great Divine, Creator, I love you.)

I Am Sorry (I’m sorry that ___ and I can’t get along. They rub me the wrong way…..or whatever the problem is…..

Please Forgive me (I am 100 % responsible for bringing this situation to me. Please wipe out the data in my brain that attracted this, and cleanse it and set it free)

Thank you, (for loving me and for all you do for me.)


Second Part

I love you ( the person you are setting free. You are talking to only their spirit, not their ego.)

I’m sorry ( I apologize for all the wrong I caused in this situation)

*This is important. We don’t want to linger into their stuff, or it traps us.

Please forgive me (as I forgive you and set you free. May your life be blessed and beautiful)

Thank You (for the experience, which often is a lesson we chose to learn)

We are set free, and it is done. (See a balloon taking this person towards pink fuzzies. )

This whole process can also be used for addictions, and crippling patterns.

Jasmine Renee Abbott

The Ho’oponopono

Balancing and Healing One’s Life

The Ho’oponopono taught to me by a female, while I was in Hawaii, and by my The Spirit Wind Group, who guides my spirit group.

Part One

Opening Prayer    ”I” Am the “I”

“I” come forth from the void in to the light.

“I” am the breath that nurtures life.

“I” and the emptiness, the hollowness beyond all consciousness.

The “I” the id, the all,

“I” draw my bow of rainbows across the waters.

The continuum of minds with matters.

“I” am the incoming and outgoing of breath.

The invisible, untouchable breeze.

The undefinable atom of Creation.

“I” am the “I”

It was with this my spirit group of eleven included the Pillar of I Am Love. I would sit within this concept, reading the above “I” am “I” prayer.

This was followed by the Repentance Prayer (Between individual/group and the Divine Creator

Divine Creator, Father, Mother, Child as One:

If I____________, my family, relatives, and ancestors have offended you in thoughts, words, deeds and actions from the beginning of our creation to the present, please forgive us.

Cleanse, purify, release, sever and cut all the unwanted energies and vibrations we have created, accumulated and/or accepted from the beginning of our creation to the present.

Please transmute all the negative, unwanted energies to Pure Light. We Are Set Free! And it is Done!

At this point, I was instructed to sit again, within the imaginary Pillar of I, and chanted I Am Love.