What do the Hippie Ghost Band mean you can’t destroy Earth because it is a Spirit plane?

These topics were discussed last night on a Facebook podcast by he Hippie Ghost Band. The link to the video is provided at the end of this article.

What do the Hippie Ghost Band mean you can’t destroy Earth, because it is a spirit plane?

The Hippie Ghost Band claims our level of consciousness is identical to the first seven levels of spirit consciousness Beyond the Veil. When we die, we are still in the same consciousness field. We are still creating the same thoughtforms, so you can’t destroy it. Even, if dead, you are still living the same thoughtform.

This is why they were going to teach me how to Create a Reality, using Beyond the Veil’s version so I can start helping those on the third consciousness level to create heaven. As you might have read, Divine Love stepped in and kept me alive here on earth and invited these eleven spirits to help create heaven here. This is why they are here.

As of February 2018, we now have grown a heaven on earth that includes a handful of mortals, which has brought forth the first heaven on the third consciousness level in the spirit world.

This is the first time that spirit level has a heaven. Why is this good? The majority of us end up on this level. We are still living the thoughtform we used in our physical form.

It’s exciting news. How does one know this is true? Follow my story. It reveals how death and I had a date, but now I’m living a different life.

We are not a cult, religion and have nothing to follow. It’s a tough road. You don’t realize your life is not yours, it is a thoughtform handed down to you by centuries of ancestors. We act like puppets daily and claim the right to not think for ourselves because we now are living breathing clones.

Your life is a thoughtform, which is the essence of your present-day life.

This you can stop. The effort is worth it. First, let go of seeking attention. That is hard because we all seek it. I have been taught to not feed into anyone’s seeking attention, for this is the rope that keeps them a prisoner to their clonehood.

Your life is a thoughtform, which is the essence of your present-day life.

To hear the podcast, please follow this link. Creating Heaven on Earth

To read about my spirit intervention, this book offers the 1st part. When I wrote it, I didn’t know this was more than an intervention.

Thank you for reading my blog.

Jasmine Renee Abbott


A Life or Death Situation


Viewing Our Attachments in the Tarot of Living Village

February 3, 2018

The chill in the air left me as I got to the middle of the footbridge going towards Tarot Living Village. A feeling of warm took its place, and restfulness filled my body. As I stepped off the bridge, I noticed tucked into a grove of trees a sign that mentioned, Rest Stop Here. What a beautiful spot. a variety of yellow flowers grew around each of the three park benches.

“Perfect. I will sit and relax.”

As I sat on the middle bench, I noticed a willow tree that had three cards on it. They were not Tarot but Inspirational. These cards were created by Sandra Anne Taylor. I eased them off the branches and laid them beside me on the bench. Seventh Chakra, Archangel Uriel, Healer of the Ages and Attachments.

“Hmm. Interesting combo. Seventh Chakra deals with higher levels of energy. It is located at the ‘soft spot/baby spot’ on our head, and often known as the crown chakra. Standing next to the Healer of all ages, I would feel I’m being told to become mindful during my resting/relaxing period of what goes through my mind so I can seek a healing for it. What these two cards are saying is to use my rest/break times to become mindful. Hmm, mindful of what? Do these inspirational cards have a direction they wish me to focus? Attachments is the third card. To be mindful of my concepts that I am attached to in my present life. Are they old patterns, or new? Do they deplete or give me energy? Do we get ‘high’ from drama? Does it keep us going, and having topics to discuss with others? Are we attached to the attention surrounding it? if I answered yes to any of these questions, taking this rest period to request the strings attached to them be healed would be of benefit.

What a beautiful message. I can use my rest-times as a healing time from areas that are working against my spirit path. all I have to do is ask.

I hope your day is wonderful, and this inspiring message helps you.

Jasmine Renee

The Bridge to Tarot Living

February 2, 2018

As I started to step on the Bridge to Tarot Living, I noticed the first board was a tad loose. As I bend down, to check what was causing this, I noticed a tarot card stuck in the crack.  Gently I pulled on it, so it wouldn’t rip, and saw it was the 10 of Swords. “Oh Boy! What does it mean?”

A voice from the other side spoke. “The Bridge is closed today for you. You must go back and see what pieces are still stabbing you from your past. Find the cards that will reveal the truth, and start to work on them.”


Dishearten, I turned and walked three paces, and saw a large rock. I felt compelled to sit on it. stretching out my legs, I let my feet kick a few stones to the side. There was laid the first card.

The tarot card, 5 of Pentacles. I picked it up, and it spoke to me. What or who stole your light and thunder, because you travel a different road? Leave its presence here. Now, who honored and traveled your road without judgment? Carry them in your heart and heal this energy of lack of support.

I sat for seemed like the morning and contemplated these two questions. As the sun rose to its highest level, I stood up, and left those who judged my path on the rock, and blessed them. I walked away from the rock carrying those in my heart who continued to walk beside me without judgment or manipulation. I was set free, around 2:00 p.m.

I continued walking back to my home, with a tone in my heart. “I will take you there”, from Kashmir, by Led Zepplin.. I’m grateful that the Tarot people and my guides revealed this truth.

An oak tree covered with day old snow dropped an acorn on my head. I watched it roll off and rolled to what appeared to be a picture. Another tarot card that laid face down appeared at that spot.  The major arcana card Strength showed herself, as I turned the card over. A dried oak leave gave me the instruction for this card. Find the core within you, so it can tame the beast the frightens you.

“What is this core, “I thought? Picking up this leaf with great care, I notice another message was itched in the ground under it.

The core is in giving the World Shelter. This is the path your spirit always walks. Align the ego path so they join. The ego path is the beast that scares you.

I stood with tears staring at this old oak tree, and asked, “May I hug you and give you my love?” The ground shook in a pleasure of yes. I hugged the tree and wept, until no tears were left. Then, I reached into my corduroy jacket’s pocket, and put a pink quartz crystal on the tree’s heart and kissed the tree. “I will now plant this near your roots. Please accept my gift of gratitude.

As I begin the last part of my walk home another tarot card revealed itself, in the sky The 10 of cups showered love on me, as it called me, family. We are of those that love you and walk this path, along with those in human -form. You now have washed away the 10 of swords and became the 10 of cups. The Wheel of Fortune, the major arcana card of our Tarot World has turned for you today. Go forth and spread shelter of love.

The sky stayed lite up in ever hue of a rainbow, as it created a new bridge for the Tarot Living World. I heard one of that world speak, “Now our world well known to others. The bridge can be found in all hearts, when they let go of the 10 of Swords, and embrace giving everyone shelter.

I enjoy sharing this world with you.Yes, it does exist. I hope these blogs will encourage you to ask the same questions presented by the daily cards. Have a lovely day.

Jasmine Renee

Across the Bridge to the Tarot Living Land

February 1, 2018

A new day has been offered to me. Once again, with a cup of java in one hand, and gratitude in the other, I make my way to the World of Tarot Living.  The sun glistens off the fresh dust of snow on the bridge that takes me there. A nip in the air awakens me. Today, I come with offerings of gratitude to this world that embraces me through radiant love.

As I cross the bridge, I notice a singular card waving to me to take it. The Sun from the Shapeshifter deck by D.J. Conway and Sirona Knight. A deck of decades ago, I thought. I wonder if it is still available? I took the offering and held the Sun Tarot card gently in my hand, while I crossed the bride. On a golden filigree table, with a gold chalice, filled with sparkling water, laid a note.

Shapeshifter Tarot Deck

Today, sit with the Sun card and reflect on what you are contributing to the world. What rays of warmth do you offer others? Where do you hold back? What clouds up your vision, so others cannot feel or see your rays?

My eye caught something lying under the table, so I bent down to check it out and saw the 10 of Pentacles. Beside it laid a note. This card represents where you choose to hide your light. Contemplate on this.

“Hmm. The 10 of Pentacles deals with the wealth of a family. The legacy passed down. This position of that particular card makes sense. I don’t shine any light on money, legacy or family. It’s void of my light. It is void of my presence. “

Wiping a tear or two, I straighten my spine and glanced around for a place to sit. To the right was a grove of willow trees, each blanketed in a fresh dusting of snow. A park bench neatly tucked in between them greeted me, as I made my way to it.

Comfort enveloped me, as I cushioned myself in this grove of trees. “Willow trees, speak to me, please Show me how to heal this 10 of Pentacles.”


An hour, perhaps more, or perhaps just a few minutes passed by, as I sat there letting my tears roll by when I felt something touch my shoulder. A tarot card nuzzled my neck, and it was the Goddess of the Fire element, known as swords, in the Shapeshifter deck. In Rider-Waite tarot, this card would be called the King of Swords. Represented in this deck as Bridget, it is suggested I remember who I really am. To go forth and share my talents and skills. The Sword, in my view for me, is Excalibur. It cuts through illusions and teaches another way.

I sit and ponder how this card can bring back a legacy, family connection and other attributes of the 10 of Pentacles. Aha. Yes. Illusion. I am not alone. Cut through that, and be the giver of knowledge to those who seek. This will help to lessen the blocks, or clouds of my own sun-rays.

The Bridge of Tarot Living offered me a priceless gift today. It showed me where I block my ray of light. It also aided me in honoring who I am and what I am here to do.

I thank the Spirit of the cards and the Tarot Bridge for inviting me into the Land of Tarot Living.

Thank you for reading my blog. I do hope it teaches and inspires you. I am available for private readings. For more information, please email me at My Email

May your rays reach out for others to feel your warmth.

Jasmine Renee

Walking Across the Bridge of Tarot Living

Walking Across the Bridge of Tarot Living


The day began as all my mornings. Gratitude and coffee each in hand. As I sat at my circular pine table, I selected the Crystal Vision tarot created by Jennifer Galasso. Holding the cards in both hands, I blow on them, offering my love.

“The Spirit of my deck, please show me what I need to know today. Thank you.”

Today, I’m instructed to layout two identical rolls of three cards, so I do.


The first ones represent; Past Present and Future, and the second one speaks of focus, and how to implement the feminine and masculine aspects with the focus card.  The Spirit of this Deck advised I pull the top three cards, and the bottom three cards. The top three represents the past, present, and future, while the bottom three would represent the focal point and the feminine (left side) and masculine (right side).

I now sit, as I let these cards walk me across the bridge to Tarot Living.

Past card is the King of Swords. This speaks of learning to master an area within the communication field. At the King level, the tasks would be great, and there would be helpers. At this level of royalty, The King also must learn those who are communicating to influence you, both in pro and con. This card suggests I learned to listen to what a person says and what they do.

Now, in my present, I have the Knight of Wands. There is quick action. Everything is speeded up, with the knight of Wands. He is facing the King of Swords, his past, so this indicates currently this knight is taking the lessons he learned and going out into the world with them.  His passion is in his need to share a creative ‘gem’ with those who would listen. The knight of Wands must watch out for those who are talking their walk or walking their talk. He also must realize time is of importance with this energy. It burns out quickly. Will he achieve his goal?

The Future is the King of Wands. Here we have mastery. He has learned who he can work with, as well as carry the passion, without causing himself burnout, or being overly pushy.

This first bridge is all about applying what I have learned in regards to communication. My own, as well as others. I’ve learned not all people will walk their talk. I had to learn how to discern and see the truth. Learning this, how would I fair, as I enter the world, on my own. The knight of wands is quick, and time passes quickly. Will I burn out or will I create the creative dream?  The King of Wands shows the lessons of the King of Swords has been mastered in the Creative-Dream I am holding.

At this point, I see the focus card above, which is in the center, and above the Knight of Wands. It is the Empress. This reveals the birth time, with the Knight of Wands is approaching. I need to attend to all that will be needed to bring this ‘baby’, a new birth into manifestation. As a person would set up a house for a newborn, one does the same with a creative project. My focus at this time must stay in being prepared. The feminine energy is 5 of Pentacles. This card is telling me, I need to reserve my energy at this time. With the intensity of giving birth soon, it is the time I rest, meditate and visualize the birth of the new creation. Though the 5 of Pentacles often is seen as a lack of money, it often does represent a lack of energy. In this reading, it is clear that giving birth to a successful project indicates to make sure you are preparing, as well as feeding, nourishing and resting your mind, body, and soul. How to do this is indicated in the masculine card. Here we have the three of swords. It is clear to give birth to this, I must let go of outworn concepts, activities and perhaps people from my past, where emotional pain might reside. In my world, it would also emphases using the Ho’oponopono, I love you. I am sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you

The Bridge of Tarot Living offered me a priceless gift today. It showed me where I am at now. What I bring from my past to my present, and how the future will look. My goals, my passion to help show others how to create a new world for themselves is moving forward. The birth of this is around the corner. I do know to reserve my energy by eating right, resting, meditating, exercising and so forth, as well as what I can act on physically. I might need to let go of places people or things.

I thank the Spirit of the cards and the Tarot Bridge for inviting me into the Land of Tarot Living.

Thank you for reading my Tarot Blog.

I do offer private readings via Skype or Messenger. I work with those who seek to walk their spiritual path so they can learn to create heaven here on earth. I do not do third party readings. Please feel free to contact me at my email addy. My website should be visible sometime in March of 2018. Have a lovely day. Jasmine Renee

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An Intentional Community Apartment

An Intentional Community Apartment


Monday woke me up with her gentle grace, but I sniffed the energy and knew I awoke in another zoo. What zoo is this? What is the meaning of it?  The gentleness, slow pace of my mornings didn’t exist. I needed help. A rarity for me to ask, but Monday I did, and what awaited me shocked me.

Monday, January 15th, 2018 ushered in a new period of existence. The day went, without much of a hitch, until my guest asked would I like to go to grab a hamburger? A simple request, and at one of my favorite hamburger joints, I said yes.  I walked through the gate to get into her truck and was greeted by her husband and daughter. To my surprise, her daughter treated us to dinner. We dropped the husband back home so he could fulfill his obligations that evening, and I invited her daughter to come over with her mother. Nothing too exciting was planned. I figured a nice low-key night, which could aid this feeling, I woke up in another zoo.  Little did I know what was about to reveal itself.

My friend’s daughter and I have met a few times, but I never discussed the type of channeling I do. There was no intent to channel that night, or so I thought. My spirit group came out and instantly it was noticeable I froze-up in front of strangers. They came up with a game plan, which included both ladies, and that night I was informed,

“You will create an Intentional Apartment, where can channel for people, and build our communities.”

They left, and my mind stayed active throughout the night. How do I turn a small four-room apartment into sections? How do I create blocks of space for people to do diversify activities? Tuesday morning the answers started to appear, with rearranging my bedroom. I also created a room divider using my coffee table, since a newer one was arriving Wednesday night. Tuesday my friend called, to inform me her husband and daughter could bring a few things over. It would be a great time for me to try to channel. .After hanging up, I put my shoes on and went to the store and bought a few items for dinner. We would eat, and I would channel, or reverse. I channel better on an empty stomach, and they were kind to wait till I was done., It went smooth. A lot better than I expected. The next night they brought the rest of the furnishings, and we sat down and chat.

I waited to sage all the new pieces, till after they left. I saged everything, from new to used that comes in my house, since other’s energies stay on items. I don’t know whose energies are there. After I sage, I took a short video of my living room and placed it on Facebook.  A friend pm said watch the video at the end because there is an energy orb. I looked at it and sure was. It went straight to two crystals on the table. The large no shape crystal also used to demonstrate a replica of where the Crystal Dragons lived, and the pyramid crystal right beside it. The Crystal Fairy home replica it did not go too. We got to see the two crystal dragons who often channel through me. I’ve included the video for you to examine.

Energy Orb at the end of video

Life’s zoo still remained a mystery. My house now completely changed, and I figured for my out of town company coming next week. I figured wrong. Today, Saturday, January 20, 2018, I received a phone, from a woman I met in October. Though we played phone tag, we never caught each other until today. I met her at a Health Fair and felt strongly to gift her my book. That was on October 14th. Prior to that, I was told by spirit, to have this book ready and in my hand by October 14th. I just mentioned the other day, I’m not sure what this was all about, but if need be, I’ll find out. I trusted my spirit group to disclose any information if needed. Today, out of the blue she called. We talked for the first time, without interruption. She accepted my invite for next Saturday when a group of people is coming. As we were about to say goodbye, she asked if I wanted to get together. I was hesitant, would they wish me to channel tonight? Would these be a channel gathering or just an evening gathering? My one spirit invited her to come. She was a bite taken at first when a male with an English accent invited her. He identifies himself, as my spirit guide.

Tonight, I start to open the apartment for its main intention, a gathering to build communities of heaven.

Now, you know why I have slacked off from writing. There was much preparing to do this week, and yes, I am living in a different zoo. The zoo that attracts those who wish to build a heaven, right beside those who have built hell here on earth.

Enclosed is another video that shows the Intentional Community Apartment

Intentional Community Apartment

Till I have more to report, enjoy your day


Jasmine Renee



Daily Inspirational Cards

Daily Inspirational Cards



The center cards, our focus card for today, is the 6 of pentacles. We all use our ego-path/goal daily, and this is helpful. Today, I am introducing our spirit path/daily goal. Both exist in our life.

The 6of Pentacles reminds us to make time to let our spirit express itself. Our spirit is always about giving. Giving that extra mile to help someone.  Give time for your spirit to come and walk with you.

Our spirit comes from our heart, without conditions. Our ego comes from our data -based brain. When we have that urge to help a stranger, that is our spirit living through us.

On the left side of the 6 of pentacles, is the Moon. These two cards standing together tell me it is a personal new moon. I don’t know when the new moon is coming. This combo though tells me, we have a choice to walk the profane, the ego, which helps us in our daily life, but we also start the profound, the spirit way that we can generate what we came here to do on earth. Our spirit path.


On the right side is the card of action. The Card here is Wheel of Fortune. Our spirit too has a plan. If we choose to use our spirit’s personality, over these next fourteen days, we will see a difference, from where we are today.


Someone listening to the podcast checked to see when the new moon was or is coming. It is today in Capricorn. What a time for us to grow our spirit’s intent. I know a lot don’t know their spirit path. It’s not hard to discover.

When your heart is trying to do something without strings attach or controlling and you feel light and airy, this is your spirit talking to you. The ego works out of data, as should could, must and leads that way. You can look back at your life and view where your heart spoke to you. Once you discover it, try to take small steps to utilize it these next twelve to fourteen days. This will be pro-active in changing this Wheel of Fortune, instead of going back on the same merry-go-round.

For further explanation, please listen to my Facebook Podcast, which I have linked here.

Daily Tarot Inspirational Ready by Jasmine Renee

Have a great day.