The Loniness Trap

December 2,2017

The Loneliness Trap

There is beauty all around me during this time of the year. I still decorate for the holidays. Being widowed for twelve years, I have now acquired my own traditions. I go through my day, writing manuscripts and blogs. I host a Facebook page and group. I’m out an about with friends in my town, and those who flew in for a few days. Since October, my usual fair of living my life has radically changed for the better. The Hippie Ghost Band’s Beyond the Veil manual helped to create this change. Yet, an old dusty coat hangs over my shoulders. Loneliness has grabbed me by the bones and won’t let go. It’s time to pull out a few tools the Hippie Ghost Band taught me.

We can volunteer, go to lunch with friends, have a party, or go to parties, but when we walk through our front door, we once again enter the womb of loneliness.

My spirit group taught me to engage in learning something that holds my interest.  Night time becomes my learning time. I turn on YouTube and watch people teaching on subjects I enjoy. This way I feel connected to the world. Other activities are getting involved in a television show or movie. This is the mildest form of moving out of that dusty cloak of loneliness. Often, it works instantly. On the days it doesn’t, I have to pull out other tools.  Tomorrow I will share another one from my box of tools.

Jasmine Renee

Social Anxiety, Depression, Anxiety Attacks, oh boy, what do you do?

The holidays are creeping up, and tonight, I’m going to the street festival. Equipped with tools I stepped out into the warm night air, and amongst the living. Social anxiety meets the metro train and the mob on the streets. How did I cope? Emerald Green energy.

Does being out shopping or attending activities bother you? It’s been my shadow for years, but with help from a dimension far from Earth, I learned how to walk through this. The point is, it didn’t vanish my social phobia but helped me to walk through it. Here is the Crystal Fairies method that will take your attention off you and your fears. We all wish to feel we are contributing to the world, our space, and our friends and family.

Emerald green energy cleanses the area we are in, which soothes our nerves. The mantra is I am love.  You bring into your body the emerald green light, from the top of your head, crown chakra, all the way down to the bottom of feet and back up to the third eye, and back down. You are weaving it into the shape of the number eight  Do this through the pattern of exhalation-inhalation slowly seven times. You are ready to leave your house.

You now contain within your body energy that cleanses and purifies the emotions.  This energy can be released through the third eye, found between the eyebrows to wherever you are walking, sitting or riding. You will feel calmness, child’s amazement and blessed as you do this process. I  use this throughout the day when I have stress or depression. Now, the Crystal Fairies taught me how to do this and send it out to my third eye. This step is me adding peace and love to those who are hurting.

On the metro train, I noticed disheveled people who were hurting. I let the emerald energy exit my third eye and sent it to all in the car I was riding. Why stop at what I can see? I continued transmitting the energy to next several cars.


This exercise is two-fold. It helps us and helps others. I prefer to serve the world.

Please visit my YouTube Channel for more instructions on using Emerald Energy. Thank you for reading my blog.

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Surviving the Holidays or Not. Grieving

November 30, 2017

Grieving and Mourning through the Holidays


The holidays come with traditions and memories that can embrace us with warmth or depress us. For the grieving person, it can be one of the other or both. Each person mourns in their own way, and as long as needed. Eventually, the pain fades, but never goes away. Today, I wish to speak to those who are in the early stages of mourning.

These are only suggestions to help you get through the month, of December, though applicable to any holiday or anniversary. If you are in the first year, the sadness is almost unbearable. You might be aware of this tugging numbness in your body. It’s your friend. I call it our invisible safety cloak. It is what keep us going, during that first year, and comes in handy during each first occasion you will spend without that loved one.


In my life, I have lost almost everyone, and am aware how grieving is a personal matter. I have though acquired a few rituals that have aided me throughout my life. As a spiritual counselor, I shared these rituals with clients, who had remarkable success. I hope some of these will help you during your grieving period.

1.The love one(s) Altar.

After my husband died, I created an altar with the table. I am a holiday freak, so decided to continue, in honor of him. You can see from the photo above how I did it.

An Altar can be anything or placed anywhere. I found using my creative mind helped me to move through the pain of him not being there with me. Twelve years later, I still create an altar for him.


2. The Letter (s) to the Love One

It can be one letter, or one per day or as many as you wish. Write or type out your note about how you two spent the holidays. Who you spent it with? The most enjoyable times. You can creatively think of other suggestions. This suggestion is splendid, and am grateful I did. Keeps our memories intact. No we don’t forget, but we do forget little moments. You can do the letter for all occasions and non-occasions


3. Having An Open Conversation over Their Favorite Beverage.


This one is my favorite, for it is simple and offers me the ability to talk to whoever I am seeking. I pour their favorite drink and set it on my table, along with my beverage. For me, it is usually coffee. I sit down with paper and pen, and I just start talking to them.  I pour out my soul and then become quiet.  The majority of the time I sense something. I know they are present. I drink my beverage in silence and listen. If I get some word, hunch or goosebumps I write it down. You can this as long as you wish, and as often. I suggest the table, not your bed if this is your mate. It’s easier to keep the mind steady.


These kept me going through my first year as a widow. I still use them.

4.The Walk

I love this one. Invite them to go for a walk with you. Preferably in the country, especially where there is little traffic. Just walk and sense them beside you walking. Perhaps they are holding your hand. You can walk in silence, speak mentally to them, or talk out loud. I do this when the depression hits For me, it brought relief to know I don’t walk alone.



I hope these suggestions will help you. I know the pain is unbearable, but these can help take some of it away for a few minutes. Each one of these always put a smile on my face, and bring me peace of mind.


My you walk peacefully


Jasmine Renee

Heartbreak, Grieving, and Sorrow Embrace the Day. Day 4 of Surviving or Not

November 29, 2017.

Tears are the breadcrumbs leading us to a new place. Don’t resist the tears.

Mine has been flowing for two days now. Each teardrop adds to the path they are showing me. It is the path to self-actualization, and to enlightenment. The sadness within me carried the seeds of dreams long gone, and the belief I was helpless in changing my life.

Tears stream down my cheeks as if the old beliefs are releasing their hold. Sadness drums a different beat in my heart. Before it spoke words of endless surviving, today it urges to jump the walls and escape the prison of my mind.

The pathway pulls at my soul in gentle tugs, as I cry myself out of each barrier that held me prisoner to beliefs of the ego.

I can create so much more, this pathway informs me. You just forgot its up to you. You always had the power. Just let your tears lead the way. They will put you on the path of your soul.

Today, it is evident I have moved on to the path beyond survival. I have own my own life, and am creating my vision.


Surviving or Not the Holidays. Day 3

November 28, 2017

Today is a ‘not’ day. The road I’m traveling, endless possibilities, revealed a new path today while doing a Facebook podcast. On live, I experienced a meltdown and realized how expectations could turn you around and put you on another road.

It’s easy to expect others to do something so that I can stay in the shadows. When those expectations start to fall apart, you can’t deny a message is waving you down. In my case after three tries, in one week, it caught my attention.  I need to step out and create for myself what I seek, without strings attached.

Holidays come sewn in with unrealistic expectations, yet they offer a shadow of magical hope. What if? Wouldn’t it be nice? Our heart skips a beat with the promise of a ‘perfect’ holiday. Our meal, presents, family gatherings, friend gatherings will go as we planned, This concept lights up the inner child within us with hope. Though not raised Christian, I often relate this to the Santa Clause Affect. The magic of maybes.

Thanksgiving is my magical time more than the December Holidays.  It’s a time of gratitude for all we have. It is to spread love to all who wish to join. It’s not a religious holiday, just a day of appreciation. Since my husband’s death rarely has Thanksgiving met our open door policy. This policy was something I believed in before meeting him.

The sadness of being excluded finally worked its magic and woke me up to one fact. I can still create this. Clearly, through the tears I’ve shed over these past five days, it is an important holiday for me. I could carry on my tradition since the passion is there. It is within that flame that all things are possible. I have vowed next year I will have a place where people can come and enjoy the holidays, if they wish, with me. I will carry on my tradition.

My description for myself, being alone, has acted as a block. The first step to take is to erase that thought from both my conscious and subconscious mind when it pops up as a deterrent.

What is your constant limiting thought? Does it have to deal with relatives, ex, financial, or any other area that is a recurring thought? Erasing a thought takes time, but one day, you will have to think what was it you deleted?  At one time, I consistently stated, “Poor Jasmine”, which is equivalent to keeping abundance out of my life. A consistent statement wrapped in emotions must come true. Words create what we express through them.

That sentence now is vacantHo’oponopono Excerise in Breaking Down Blocks in my mind. How did I do it?

This Ho’oponopono exercise does the trick.

Today, I do weep. These are tears of joy and surrender. It is I who must create my vision, not another. I can share with those who wish, for strings attached is never the way.


You are welcome to join my one group and listen to my podcasts. There isn’t any posting in the group, just the podcasts, and a few ramblings of mine. This gives the person the chance to listen at their leisure.


Hippie Ghost Band & Jaz Teachings

Thank you for reading this blog. Feel free to drop a comment.

Jasmine Renee

Ho’oponopono Excerise in Breaking Down Blocks


Breathe it and speak it, as you say the Ho’oponopono. Feel your breath crashing against the rocks, as you visualize the ocean. Say in mantra form; I Love You. I’m Sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you.

The Hippie Ghost Band presented this sequence, so each splash crashing the rock was felt by me. I did it while using the breath of exhaling to seven, inhaling to seven, with a seven-count pause between the exhalation and inhalation.

This is one method they taught me to help remove blocks. It can be helpful during the holidays when we come across our own barriers.

Peace be with you. I love you, and Thank you, Jasmine Renee




Creating by leaps and bounds

Creating by leaps and bounds

For me, November through April, and May through October are my cycles of building a new reality, which The Hippie Ghost Band started me on from the beginning of their interaction with me. Every six months provided leaps and bounds. I sit at times and wonder, how they pull this off? They informed me, that they are only the GPS.  I’m the one jumping all the hurdles.

A year ago they suggested I start coming out of my proverbial closet and let people know how I spent my past three years. I already wrote a short booklet on this intervention I believed at the time they did. Now they wanted me to share on Facebook through Facebook Live Video.  Today, I sit in awe, at what transpired within a twelve month period.

My request got answered.  The Hippie Ghost Band introduced me through my Podcasts to those who got their message and now are working beside them and me.  Over the year, it was touch and go, but today, three women are involved entirely with creating Heaven on Earth, with me.

The disclosure that God saved me, instead of these spirits, in May, resulted in more roads opening for the Spirit world and us. We can offer the manual for Beyond the Veil Law of Attraction. (Coming in early spring). I must say it does create that leap and bound reality.

November is here again, and as with the last three years, I am bringing forth a new reality for me. Being out in the open is exciting. It’s a beautiful opportunity for all of us, you, the spirit group and me. I hope my daily blogging encourages you. That nothing is impossible.  My purpose behind blogging is to give you a front row seat in my life.

Jasmine Renee author of Twin Flame Prophecy and A Life or Death situation.