Surviving the Holidays or Not

November 27th, 2017


As I stare at my keyboard, I tug on the stack of paper, sitting next to my laptop, to grab the bottom sheet. Memories recorded two years, on spending the holidays in a new state, with my roommate. A woman I only knew from the internet. The mental picture of holidays that year started to take shape. Not exactly what I figured, but still in the ballpark.  How did I get the energy to change from a year before then? Why didn’t I hold the vision? What went wrong?

What wording still played an active road, which contains a block for me achieving? I am alone.

Okay, but I was alone in Florida, with dreams of remedying this. Were did the loop lay, which led me back to sitting here alone? Where am I using the talent, Divine Love gave me to use? Am I applying it? After all, it saved my life and kept the existence of these spirits who helped me.

We are living a dimension of artistic type of personalities, like what I wrote in Twin Flames. The Rescue Train, which carried all the hippies, in my book, revealed the birthing of a dimension similar to what I’ve been witnessing. Musicians, artists, poets and other artistic types gathering together to exist underground as a family. A family built with another core of Love. The Twin Flame Love. How they created a community blended with trust, faith, and becoming.

My eyes glanced at The Twin Flame Prophecy sitting on the other side of my laptop. “Here. The answer lies in here.”  I am going to create this life. The first step is to eliminate the usage of I am alone.

This one sentence has directed the stage of my future life. What is the one sentence you keep repeating? Can you understand it is designing your life? Do you wish to fall victim to it?  If you answer no, I invite you to follow my blog and walk beside me as we free our self.

For more information, please feel free to listen to my podcasts on the Hippie Ghost Band Page.

You can purchase The Twin Flame Prophecy from Amazon. It is only in paperback.

Surviving the Holidays or Not

Surviving the Holidays-or Not

Whenever the holidays creep up, I swear it will be better than before. As if magically the world I live in will fit my agenda. Instead of turkey on a platter, I received a shattered fantasy. Where did I go wrong? What happened to my best-laid plans?

As I sat through Thanksgiving, once again alone, I looked around and said, “No More, Jasmine. You don’t need to live this way. My family might be gone, but it doesn’t mean I can’t create an active family. A shift in attitude is required to change my lot, and it laid in my ability to change my energy so my vibration will attract what I seek.

Is there another way? I’m tired of the hollowness felt during holidays. I’m tired, tried as I might to enjoy the holidays, to fall dismally into loneliness and depression.

Could use the Beyond the Veil’s manual for Law of Attraction work here? Why not? It saved my life. Today, there is another area in my life that needs rescuing.

I’ve chosen to stop living in a world of expectations that this year will be different. November won’t take my breath away, as my late husband and my wedding anniversary come, and a week later Thanksgiving. This year I decided to spend the holiday by myself. I drew out the plans and believed I had it made. I crashed hard over those two weeks, and yet it is in this falling I realized, I starving to belong. When you finally get hungry enough, you will change the foundation you are standing on today.

Is there another way I can handle this?

Yes, and I am. The first step is accepting my life as it is now. If you are alone in this world, it’s up to you to create the ‘magic’ holidays bring to us. If you are with the family, it is up to you to know you don’t hold the magical key that creates a reality that fits your orders.  If you are out with friends, remember your belief system most likely doesn’t match theirs. We all have a difference in our core beliefs. Its this attitude this year I can resolve tension, in any area that will become your demise.  It just won’t work. Life will not paint the picture you have in your mind.

Today, I cannot change, but with acceptance and the ability to let go, I begin the new adventure of shifting my energy to a different story next year at this time.

It’s time to accept the rest of this year will go precisely as our emotions mapped out. For me, I often mention I am alone. What I don’t say are the underlying feelings. Desertions, chopped liver (second best ), carrying a plague, (I’m weird and a medium/channeler.) these sentences drive my car. They are the GPS of my creation and will make sure I arrive at my destination.

It is here I need to stop and unplug my emotional GPS. To survive the holidays is to create a different energy. It’s a work in progress. I know that, however, what do I do today? I look around and It’s still the same.

Today, I begin to imagine. Imagery is a critical factor in reprogramming the emotional GPS.  I follow these steps.

  1. I permit myself to hurt. I don’t blame it on anyone, or myself. Its old programs are doing their job. It’s all it knows. I
  2. I can work hard today to have no expectations for the winter holidays. I might achieve a better scale than a year ago, and I might not. I know I can’t wiggle my nose and have people to share presents with and a meal. That’s over for this moment. I can though create a different outcome if I work the progress.
  3. I can take five to ten minutes out and entertain my inner child. It seriously helps us, and play is a way. my inner child loves sparkles, so I take ten minutes to play with anything that sparkles. It’s a cleansing method and will notice the sadness left.


Your world might not include being alone. You can have another area that snags you. The above tools can serve you. Disappointments happened. Tomorrow, I will speak more about how to minimize their effects.


11/2017 A Spouse’s Devotion Beyond the Veil

I love You. Today would have marked our 38th anniversary. As I’m writing the book on the Spirit Laws of Attraction, I needed to stop and take a deep breath, as I pondered the emotional cost the past had on my husband’s spirit.

Wally, you took such drastic steps,  from beyond the veil, to get me through this rough spot.  How do I thank you? I know the risk you took, through what you revealed to me. I’m aware of the pain you went through when you believed you would walk me over to the lower levels. This realization crushed your heart daily. The other spirits gathered around both you and my brother, for this torture settled through him and you.

At first it was only you and my spirit guide, but within a year nine more joined. Except for my brother, the others didn’t even know me. They joined to teach me to help their friends in spirit. Surprisingly, from what they told me, the thought of me killing myself crushed them as well. They grew to love me. I’m grateful for the miracle, and I know you are too.

Reviewing these past several years, now i understand the argument that crept up often. when you said you take me there, (meaning the lower levels). The group was concerned it would be too hard for you.

I love you. It’s a honor to have this connection with you, though different then in the physical. I can’t touch you, or go out to dinner with you, or sleep with you. I can though honor what we had and share it with others, on different levels.

I can’t thank you enough for unconditionally loving me and working with me over these past three years. I hope this book, I’m currently writing, serves you as much as you served the purpose of the Spirit Group. In honor of you, what we physically had and have now, I’m determine to embrace all you did for me, Wally.

Happy 38th Anniversary to us. Love you always, Renee

Visions and the Bigger Picture


Often, we put the spotlight on an area or two, believing this is where our growth will take place.  If you stick to this, you could miss valuable changes outside of the area you believed would bring the results.  When our frequencies changes, seldom will our definition of the change work. We need to broaden our view. When I moved to Phoenix, Arizona, the roommate situation nosed dived instantly. If I would have stayed focus on that, as the outcome, I would have skipped building a friendship with the neighbors.

Another view of this is my belief in a social media and that they would offer me this new frequency I was seeking. My frequency definition here is used to having a vision or desire. As I kept putting all my energy into it, I didn’t get a glimpse of the bigger picture. Something to think about.

Jasmine Renee

Live Vision Boards & Frequencies


As, I’m detailing, in my upcoming book, the events of both of my moves, within five months, through the act of frequencies, I had an aha moment. As we create our ‘live vision board’ we are also changing our.own  frequency. Taking a look back when neighbors, who I only knew for 5 months, got together to move me to my new apartment, while I laid in the hospital having surgery, this aha moment came. I realized it was due to these visions boards, the spirit world taught me, and the Ho’oponopono, plus I Am Love that produced this event. The frequency changes outside of me came from within. I often speak in podcasts about heaven on earth. Today, this dawned on me. it’s a prime example of how heaven is being created by this group of eleven and me, right here on Earth.

I love seeing the proof, and understanding how the tools the Hippie Ghost Band gave me produced these results. Jasmine Renee

Ho’oponopono & The Healing Ocean


Breathe it and speak it, as you say the Ho’oponopono and I am Love. Feel its waves crashing against the rocks.  I’m remembering how the Hippie Ghost Band broke the sequence down, so each splash covering that rock was felt by me. Odd to know, those beyond the veil who are having difficulties are learning this method too.

What is here is there, and what is beyond the veil, on the first three levels is exactly what is here. I was to teach those, who already died this, after my death. Eerie, makes me shiver.  A wave of gratitude sits on my heart. Thank you, Divine Love, for seeing worth and purpose in keeping me here.

I love You. Thank you

Suicide stopped by Another

May 3rd, 2017, the Hippie Ghost Band, a group I’ve been channeling on Facebook Live Video, came out to informed over seven hundred listeners and me the other half of the story.

They did not come to do an intervention. They saw me dead. A decision to make me into a spirit guide was implemented. They taught me how to help those distraught in the spirit world. On the date they saw me kill myself, April 24th, 2015, a miracle happened. God saved my life, by bringing back my spirit, which got dislodged resulting from the event in February 2015.

After the channeled session, I downloaded it and listened to the channel session over and over. God saved me? Why?  Why a spirit guide? Why did God save me? Of all people, why me?

My thoughts drifted to my early years, and my desire to help others. As a kid, I sought to be the the female counterpart of Moses. I wanted to save the world. I wanted to knock at doors and tell people they are loved.  By my late teens that faded out, as my anti-God and religion took precedence. My spirituality grew, as did my psychic abilities. I entered the world of a Spiritual Counselor, which doesn’t qualify me to be a spirit guide.

Then my train of thought switched to another factor brought up during that podcast.  I succeed in killing myself? My spirit bolted? Why didn’t I realize I was missing my spirit? As my mind hopped from one area to another area, I began to see answers to my long-standing questions, during these spirits interaction with me. Why did they let my husband work so close to me?  What was it I felt go down my body, as I walked April 24th, 2015? It was God bringing back my spirit.