When kittens get adopted by the Spirit Guides & , The Hippie Ghost Band

One thing we know, is kittens do adapt to their new family.  In my home, my two boy kittens learned to adjust to a busy condo of spirits, or ghosts if you prefer. Thirteen of them, though often only eleven were consistently active in my home.

Kittens have the habit of wrapping their paws around us, to get our attention. They conquered this ability with me, and all of the spirits. From petting, brushing and feeding them, these thirteen spirits, or ghosts became the primary caretakers of Leo and Oscar Abbott.  Those two months in 2015, during my worst struggle with living, these two boys were always under their care. They became my cats’ family, as they became mine.

Let’s take a few steps back, and let me introduce to you,  my spirit group. They are a mixture of entities who never lived on Earth; they go by Crystal Fairies and Crystal Dragons. Another team calls themselves Spirit Winds, while the remaining consisted of my late husband, my deceased brother, two Native Americans, and three rock n roll icons. My brother and the three rock n roll spirits created the Hippie Ghost Band. As they worked in working with me, their conduit, they used music. Funny, whenever Kashmir got sung by them, the cats used that to train the spirit group. Treats, and hair brushings were a must, or the two would not stop making noise. They loved the spirits and often enjoyed sitting on their lap, stirring at them. They would know which one was which. That still fascinates me to this date.

November 1, 2015, as I boarded the airplane, and cats headed to their place, all thirteen of my spirit group crawled into the cargo area with them. When I picked the two carriers up, the manager in that area said she never saw such sleeping cats, who never made a fuss. That isn’t my boys, so I knew they kept their promise and traveled with them.

My boys have moved two places since that flight. They have grown accustomed to my spirit group. Often, when they would channel on a podcast, Leo would sit behind them and watch. Oscar carries vocal conversations with them until he receives a reply.

In my life, I have no physical family, and over many years, I’ve lived an isolated existence. My two cats and my spirit group became my family. They all adapted to each other. Now, I seek to remedy this isolation and get out to meet people. I wonder how my cats will handle people in the flesh? We have been exiting for four years, minus five months being always alone. I will keep you posted on how this goes. It’s time we have people who wish to be around us and create a physical family.

I will blog on future updates. In sixteen days, we will have company for five days. They knew her, from Florida, so I’m looking forward to how they interact with a live person, versus a ghost.

Jasmine Renee

Night, Day, all the Same

The darkest of a night is no match for the darkest moments of a soul. This day, crawling out of bed, with only a single care in her mind, do I leave this world and die, or hang in there? Hang in there for what? What? Grabbing her tattered silk robe, she sashed the belt around twice, and began the climb down those steps of despair, leading to her coffee pot.

As she felt the handle in her palm, she let her fingers clasp around it, while she reached into the cupboard for a white mug. Not hard by any imagination, since she only owned one coffee mug, and it was white. Coffee the nectar of the insane, she told herself, as she slow danced into the barren dining room, whose walls only held her conversations about the weak and weary.

A chill greeted her, as she set down at the circle table. The off-white tattered curtains waved at her, as she laid her head on the table.

“It’s cold outside. Might be best to close the window, and put on your unicorn slippers.”

With her head resting on her arm, she glanced beside her. “You again. Didn’t I kick you out?”

A season went and spring finally made its way to stay for a couple of months, but the dark cloud never escaped the hold she had on it. He often tried to ring her, and to guide her but never failed to meet her iron fist. “Why can’t she see me beyond the status that tagged me while alive?” He asked frequently, with no answer.

Spring revolved into summer, and to his shock, the unexpected occurred. She called out to him. He finally could enter the door, but was the condition attached too costly? Would her late husband’s agony for her deepen? Could he accept the verdict passed down by their guides, regarding her? The date already marked in the future of her suicide, and nothing could prevent this. Would he accept and go along with creating a spirit guide out of the living, before they die? Could he? Would he?

When she called his name again, asking him to bring her late husband, he arrived with him, and the scheming began.

The love of the spirit world and the worth they saw in her overruled all that circles around suicide. They began their teachings so she could assist those in the lower energy vibrations.


The love of these two spirits grew into thirteen spirits, with the majority being of other realms/dimensions.  The growing possibility of her helping the lower spirit realm, after her death, became the talk of the different realms, including the spirits of the earth. Hope now was on the rise, amongst them.

Two years came and gone, and the deadly event that would knock out her spirit inched closer. February was just a blink away. As it came and left with her soul, the crew of eleven entities moved within and around her. Protection their aim, as the love for her leap in bounds, drawing others from these dimensions to want to be involved.

The woman they loved, who lived mostly a shattered life from early years on, to later years, held their attention. How could anyone who been sleuth so often champion the Phoenix?

Could she accomplish this one more time here on Earth? Could the love of these different spirits and realms be enough to introduce another way? Divine Love asked itself.

Could they build a turnpike for the earth, called heaven, and turn the earth people away from outworn concepts? If I brought back her spirit, could this group, now thirteen, bring her back to wanting life? Could they?

April 2015, the month of her birth, and marked the month of her death came and passed, with her walking home and feeling something enter her. Tears rolled down her face, for the hollowness that took over now held her spirit. The headphones attached to her MP3 player played, Gimme Me Shelter, by the Rolling Stones, which prompted her to pick up her speed and hurry home. Unlocking the door, and sitting at her table, she cried out, “John, I want to give people shelter. I want to live.”

At the moment, the collective thirteen recognized her spirit came back. How? It was lost and recorded not to return while still living on earth.

“Through the love of you to her, and it went beyond any expectations, as well as your love for those on the World Wide Web, I brought back her spirit. My request is if you will create the world you mapped out for her, after her death, here on Earth. Will you bring these teaching and build a turnpike called Heaven? Will you bless me with this?”

Two years later, four of them, who named themselves the Hippie Ghost Band started Divine Love’s request, while the others continued to work with her, and occasionally would speak to others. In their midst stood a medium, conduit that offered them the opportunity to talk in their own words. These four wrote six songs and she added them to her book, The Twin Flame Prophecy. It is one of the books that cover the love of other dimensions and realms and their joint effort to help the Hippie Ghost Band build this turnpike called Heaven.

Written in love for her thirteen spirit friends, Jasmine Renee begins the journey of sharing in blogs where they took her, and how they changed the course of her life.



Speaking Voices from Other Worlds

Many realms currently are invested in spending their time watching a small group of spirits, who used to be musicians on earth. The question on their minds can help bring people back to remembering their authentic self.? The Crystal Fairies is one of these realms and have stepped forth and permitted their identity to be given, through paranormal fantasy. Their drive is to offer new roads for the spirit within each human to find their way home. Home is within and is the carrier of unconditional love.

Writing by Jasmine Renee, who presently is these realms, and the Hippie Ghost Band’s voice, or conduit.

Secret Teachings Beyond the Veil

What do I mean by beyond the veil?

Eleven spirits were channeling information through me, in the beginning. Their intent originally was to teach me to become a spirit guide, after my death. Unbeknownst to them, death didn’t take me, instead, a miracle happened. Along the road of being taught, I was privy to learn the Spirit’s World Law of Attraction or Creation.


With Divine’s Love interaction, the group separated into two groups, while four of them decided to channel through me, to anyone interested. They are offering to teach the physical world, the Spirit’s version of Law of Attraction. This group chose the name, Hippie Ghost Band since three were rock n roll musicians during the Hippie Era. The fourth one is my brother, who died in 1970, at the age of twenty. He is a poet and is the main channeling instructor.


I will be offering blogs on their teachings here, plus their own automatic blogs. You can discover more about them and me, through the videos on YouTube and Facebook, https://www.facebook.com/HippieJasmineRenee/

Thank you for stopping by,

Jasmine Renee Abbott

Jasmine Renee is a Paranormal Author& Medium

This is the excerpt for your very first post.

About Jasmine Renee Abbott, and Her Books


Thank you for checking out my digital books that are available on Amazon.com. I write a mixture of genres, going from non-fiction to Paranormal Fantasy. Each genre takes you deep into a level of you, the reader.
Spirit Wind Sage is available in paperback. Often the Hippie Ghost Band and I refer to this book, in effort to help link their world with us. Though it is written in paranormal fantasy, it speaks clearly of my paranormal reality.
Enclosed is a summary of Jasmine Renee, the author.
Jasmine Renee Abbott is a paranormal romance writer, whose twist is, she threads her own experiences throughout the book. Rich in beyond the veil experiences throughout her life, she has a lot of material to share with us.
Jasmine Renee Abbott is also the Medium for the spirit group called Hippie Ghost Band, who she occasionally channels through Facebook live videos.
Jasmine Renee Abbott is the author of these publications, which can be found on Amazon.
Spirit Wind Sages
Bridge to You
The Magic of an Era-Woodstock
She also has two non-fiction books published.
What it was like growing up psychic
Intervention of another kind. This book deals with how and why a group of eleven spirits did an intervention on her.
a link to all my books.

Bridge to You

What if your mother told you about a special bridge, where the dead can communicate with you, would you go? Rebecca is desperate to say goodbye, one more time, to her father, who died a year ago. She has been going there every day with her mother, but all that they see if an old fishing rod. Tomorrow marks the first year death anniversary, and the next day Father’s Day. Will he finally show up? Will she get say goodbye and thank him for being the best daddy?

Spirit Wind Sages

“You will be sent to the earth realm to begin a new life style. You will name it Hippie Movement and Woodstock”. In a world filled with chaos and evil, the Ancients had sent a group to bring peace to the Earth Realm. If they failed, the poisonous atmosphere of the Earth would creep into all realms Emerald Ocean Realm just recently experienced its affect, as it turned into anuninhabited terrain, which the choking vines contritubed, and planned to continue on other realms. 1940-1950’s a group of entities landed on the Earth realm in, to create the Hippie movement and the Woodstock nation. They would become the Present-Day Sages, as their words and music motivated people to work together, for love and peace. The campaign began, and as with all movements died out, until the early twenty-first century, when the Spirit Wind Sages Gods and Goddess landed. Could they help these old hippies rise again? Would people hear the drumming of the cry for peace? Could they raise the positive energy to balance out the negative energy? Would they awaken to their authentic selves or would they cave in to the dark mask of ego, controlling earth plane? Is it too late to save the realms? How many more will die? Can the Older Hippies rise one more time? How would they convince other?

Intervention of Another Kind

2013, a new door opened for me to explore. A door, whose surprises continue to be endless. Little did I realized, in July 2013, the door that opened, would secure a spirit intervention, which secretly was in the making over the past couple years. Though in 2006, a year after my husband’s death, I began a journey that bought me a one -way ticket to Earth Hell. The nose-dive, though prevalent, to this spirit group, was not their primary reason for helping me. A train wreck was approaching in 2015, and my death was a sure thing. My late husband, my brother and my spirit guide, sought to implement an intervention, which within one year, grew to eleven spirit guides.
Along with this journey that I traveled with them, I received the Secret Teachings, given to the newly dead. Through the benchmarks, they took me through, and a miracle granted by Divine Love. Today, with Spirit’s permission, I am free to teach those who seek to move out of Earth Hell and manifest Heaven on Earth. This account often is referred to by this spirit group, The Hippie Ghost Band, as they now have made their presence known on Facebook. This book carries the tip of an iceberg, with further teachings coming soon. This same group is seeking to do an Earth Intervention.

What Was It Like Growing up Psychic?

What was it like growing up being psychic? How did it make you feel? Did you eventually see it as a blessing or a curse? These are questions I am addressing in this booklet. It covers my experiences. If others have had a similar experience, I do hope my putting a voice to growing up being psychic will help you. Today, I am sixty-five years old. The adventures I have had were amazing. The scars that came from my early years were locked in a dark closet, within my mind. Lately it has pulled on me, it has a voice, and wanted me to weave words, as a storyteller. It craved attention. To answer the question, was it a curse or a blessing, I must admit it was more than either, it painted my world. It reflected me how people saw psychics, back in the 1950’s and 1960’s. This is my story, and does not represent other psychics. Not all psychics are alike. For some, their ability didn’t arrive till later in life. My memory of being psychic begins at the age of four. Not until second grade was I told this was not common and I needed to hide this. As a young child, I learned quickly I was different and the world would not support this, including my family. To this date, I believe only my mother was aware. In the physical world, I lived a life with a stigma. Though it was not visible to others, every day I walked in shame. We all do have a psychic sense. Some call it a hunch. This is not what I am saying. I’m talking about having an active psychic. I hope this booklet brings a sense of peace to those in need.