What do the Hippie Ghost Band mean you can’t destroy Earth because it is a Spirit plane?

These topics were discussed last night on a Facebook podcast by he Hippie Ghost Band. The link to the video is provided at the end of this article.

What do the Hippie Ghost Band mean you can’t destroy Earth, because it is a spirit plane?

The Hippie Ghost Band claims our level of consciousness is identical to the first seven levels of spirit consciousness Beyond the Veil. When we die, we are still in the same consciousness field. We are still creating the same thoughtforms, so you can’t destroy it. Even, if dead, you are still living the same thoughtform.

This is why they were going to teach me how to Create a Reality, using Beyond the Veil’s version so I can start helping those on the third consciousness level to create heaven. As you might have read, Divine Love stepped in and kept me alive here on earth and invited these eleven spirits to help create heaven here. This is why they are here.

As of February 2018, we now have grown a heaven on earth that includes a handful of mortals, which has brought forth the first heaven on the third consciousness level in the spirit world.

This is the first time that spirit level has a heaven. Why is this good? The majority of us end up on this level. We are still living the thoughtform we used in our physical form.

It’s exciting news. How does one know this is true? Follow my story. It reveals how death and I had a date, but now I’m living a different life.

We are not a cult, religion and have nothing to follow. It’s a tough road. You don’t realize your life is not yours, it is a thoughtform handed down to you by centuries of ancestors. We act like puppets daily and claim the right to not think for ourselves because we now are living breathing clones.

Your life is a thoughtform, which is the essence of your present-day life.

This you can stop. The effort is worth it. First, let go of seeking attention. That is hard because we all seek it. I have been taught to not feed into anyone’s seeking attention, for this is the rope that keeps them a prisoner to their clonehood.

Your life is a thoughtform, which is the essence of your present-day life.

To hear the podcast, please follow this link. Creating Heaven on Earth

To read about my spirit intervention, this book offers the 1st part. When I wrote it, I didn’t know this was more than an intervention.

Thank you for reading my blog.

Jasmine Renee Abbott


A Life or Death Situation


Tarot Daily Inspirational Cards.



These cards were pulled during my Facebook podcast. I am starting to share them on my website, so others can contemplate the cards, the meanings are given and use them as they see fit.

As described in about me, I am a medium/channeler for the Hippie Ghost Band and Friends. Today the message was delivered by Sam, Sarah, and Betty, all from different dimensions. I hope you do enjoy.

I have included the Facebook podcast They channeled through me speaking about Intentional groups, communities and other topics that relate to this subject.

Jasmine Renee Abbott


The Star card is in the Center. The 8 of pentacles on the left and the


Sam talking. “The Daily Inspiration. This is for you to take what you want and leave the rest behind. We are just offering our inspiring messages.”

The put into three piles. The Center card is the Star.

The middle card is what you can use as a key to open many doors or close doors.

The Star. Your Universe is not this shrunk up little place. (They are using crystals to demonstrate.)  Sam, introduces Sara.

Sara. Your Universe you live in is very vast. You are just as vast as the Universe.

Betty now is invited into this.

Betty, The Star also represents. You got yourself on this stage. You have written this script. You have made your world as vast or limited as your mind can go. Today, you are walking on this stage without any props.  There is no past or future. Just you on this empty stage. Let’s bring your mind to the vastness of this stage by viewing the passive/receptive and feminine part.

Left card: This card is the 8 of Pentacles 

Sam “ The 8 is saying you might need to learn new skills, especially if you are living off of same patterns. Patterns often passed down to you through centuries.


Concept. Sam still talking. : Jasmine was watching a movie and watched people walking in NYC. She realized each person is walking in their own world, not joint to the other ‘s world around them. You walk daily in your heaven or hell.”

“What vastness would you paint on your new stage? First is to find what old patterns will you bring in on your stage. This you will do because it is all you know. The 8 of Pentacles is saying to unplug from one pattern at this tie and learn a different.”

Off topic by Sam.” If you can find Uranus in your birth chart, in the house it is placed, you will discover your spirit’s personality. This is the house you came here to help create a change in your life. This is where patterns were going to be changed.”

*Note. Sam taught me a lot about Astrology and Tarot. I will be addressing this separately at another time. Finding Uranus though helped me to understand why I came to earth.


The Next card shows, what card represents an action to take. Lovers.

Lovers though often relationship also means what is profound in your life? What do you need to put on this stage, the Star, and distinguish what is sacred in your life? We aren’t talking about your job, but your life path. This can be found when you locate Uranus and start to unteach yourself from the data your family and their family gave them.

The rest of this, when into Uranus. You can listen to this part of the podcast.

As a reading of inspiration today, these three cards, Star, 8 of pentacles and the Lovers are speaking of learning what our life path is, and how we can make choices to create this on our own stage. Using these three cards, in a reading, I would state this:

The Star represents you have a need to make a goal come true.. To do so, the 8 of Pentacles is telling you to start at the beginning. Look at what you have done before. Are you using the same methods, and coming up empty-handed? If so, you need to switch your patterns. The Lovers is telling you right now you have a choice. The Profound or Profane. It is time to change your life or continue on the course you have taken before. The 8 of pentacles hold your answer and direction.

Thank you for reading this. I will be posting often these inspirational readings

Inspirational Tarot & Intentional Communities FB podcast

The Saga of ‘A Matter of Remembering’

Snow covered roads tend to slow down traffic in the Foothills of the Poconos. It took more than the previous Thanksgiving Day turkey wishbone to grant better conditions. College towns emptied during the holiday break, usually left a few strays who found refuge in the neighboring town. A Peace Pipe laid next to the turkey, marking its place as the common centerpiece. The year 1969 broke the record for strays both human and animals. College students lingered, as they process the news of an event coming that summer.  Some type of happening and each young adult planned to get involved.

Taking the peace pipe down from the cherry wood bookcase, she blew the dust off it, before dusting it with a cotton cloth.

“So many years we greeted them. They just came to share their experiences and hear others about those days, when life became a Matter of Trust. Now, it changed into a Matter of Remembering. “

He nodded in agreement to her comment and sensed the pulse of the fear beat in her veins. A hopelessness eased their eyelids down, as they begin to wonder, who would remember?

Shaking off the destitute clawing at her body she walked towards the dining room and placed the peace pipe on the long table, before entering the kitchen to check the turkey. Their guest would arrive in a few hours.

“I’ll check the__”  She started to tell him, as she passed the cabin window, but stopped and blinked her eyes.

“No. No. Please, not this.” She quivered as she glanced back outside and watched the sun-filled sky turn into a grey mist, with creeping, choking vines moving out of its center.

Tears flooded down her faces, as a singular cloud scribe one word. Death.

Is the prophecy here? Did we fail our mission? Where are the people who kept the memories? Where are people who kept trust? Daniel asked as he held her tight in his arms, while they both looked at the killer vines.

“2018 cannot be the year of the Apocalypse?” Kathy whispered to Daniel.”

A memory flashed and brought him hope. “It’s not too late, Kathy.”

“Perhaps it is, Daniel.”

“Here.” He reached into his tattered faded out blue jean pocket and places a penny sized crescent shape rose quartz into her hands, and whispered, “Crystal Rainbow a teardrop fell.”

Kathy turned around to leaned into her mate’s shoulders and cried while embracing the crystal.


he whispered traveled beneath the Poconos and reach the Lost Chord of the Crystal Enchantment of Artistic and Land Dwellers Continent. Guy and Rebecca received the message, as their crystal stream wept the colors of a fading rainbow.

“It’s Real. It’s not a dream. Let’s go and bring our villa with us.”

Putting his arm around her delicate framed laced bone shoulder, he kissed her. “I guess it’s time to meet Earth. We can be ready within a day’s break. Time to call the others who are to participate in this journey.”

“Thank you, Guy. I’ll meet you at the Crystal Emerald Ocean.”

“Hurry”, both said, as they took opposite paths to inform those who would come.

You Are A Miracle Called Love

December 24, 2017


Today marks Christmas Eve, as well as my late husband’s birthday. This year I don’t grieve. As I mentioned two days ago, the fever, brought on by the flu, took me on a journey, where I too died and came back. I’m grateful I see the world through a different lens, which I wish to share with anyone who wants to listen.

I am a medium, whose ability to channel is my blessings. I am a bridge to those in the spirit realms, Beyond the Veil, to us. They wish to help use stop self-sabotaging by only surviving and remember we possess within us, love. Each of us contains a miracle call life within our body, and it is called Spirit.


We tend to keep our eyes gazing upon that which we don’t have, and miss the pulsating heartbeat of love others are sending to us. Figurately, every day, we send back peoples’ and animals’ love because it doesn’t fit in the three cups standing, which we keep our gaze on daily.

Our proclaim script of how love is real occupies one of these cups, who is obligated to send us their love, is in the 2nd cup, and last but not least, everyone who screw-up and hurt us is in the third cup. The fourth cup is larger and bursting out of the rim, look at me, look at me, yet our ego shuts down our spirit senses. We forgot what love is. We see it through rose-color glasses of should and ropes to control or be control.

The survivor inhales from those three cups sitting, while the Spirit reaches out to the one lingering in the air. We just need to step out of those patterns that have roped us into misery.

The eleven spirits I channel speak of the Silver Platter we each received upon birth. Unfortunately, this platter follows many to the other side. We can start to unplug from those three cups, and quietly become receptive to the love we are receiving daily from many people. We can stop sending back their love unopened and rejected.

Visions and the Bigger Picture


Often, we put the spotlight on an area or two, believing this is where our growth will take place.  If you stick to this, you could miss valuable changes outside of the area you believed would bring the results.  When our frequencies changes, seldom will our definition of the change work. We need to broaden our view. When I moved to Phoenix, Arizona, the roommate situation nosed dived instantly. If I would have stayed focus on that, as the outcome, I would have skipped building a friendship with the neighbors.

Another view of this is my belief in a social media and that they would offer me this new frequency I was seeking. My frequency definition here is used to having a vision or desire. As I kept putting all my energy into it, I didn’t get a glimpse of the bigger picture. Something to think about.

Jasmine Renee