What is the difference between Hippie Ghost Band’s teachings and others. Part 2

What is the difference between Hippie Ghost Band’s teachings and others?

The time has come to begin to answer this question. Many have asked. I hope this answers your questions. At the end is a link to our website, plus two Facebook pages on the HIppie Ghost Band’s projects.


  1. The biggest difference to me they aren’t promising to save us. It isn’t about ascending. It isn’t about creating a world outside of ourselves into utopia.
  2. The second biggest difference is they brought their heaven here by the request Divine. It isn’t to be a religion or to seek followers. IT just requested to continue building heaven here, and the Hippie Ghost Band agreed.
  3. The Hippie Ghost Band taught me the Living Vision Board, which I will be teaching starting May 8th. It is not similar to the creative visualizations I’ve learned in the past or vision boards. Though both methods are fantastic, their Living Vision Board is ‘out of this world.’ It is one of the first subjects taught to the newly dead.
  4. Their Heaven, a word we chosen to use to aid in understanding, is filled with spirit creating. The same spirit who lives within each of us. To discover my spirit was amazing. It never awoke. It always is.
  5. Demons, negative people, sleeping people and other adjectives used for those not like us is not accepted in their heaven. This is the first group that doesn’t separate us and them. It is the first group I ever encounter, alive or dead, that is continuing to shun people, or to refer to them as disease.


These five elements carried a lot of weight for me. I’ve been active in the metaphysical, eclectic and aware of the new age for over four decades, almost five decades. The professional part is around forty-five years, and with that comes package my skeptic. I will test a spirit. To my wonderment and amazement, in the past four years, the changes that have taken place, physically, mentally and emotionally in me are breathtaking. I’m honored they taught me their manual for heaven.


How did I get manual? Tomorrow, I will explain, as well as the degree of changes with me.

Be in blessings of love,

Jasmine Renee,





Hippie Ghost Band’s Path

What is the difference between their path and others?

29356262_446682482418486_8059073713636638720_n (1)

In two weeks, I will be offering the Hippie Ghost Band’s Path in two different courses. For the past year, in podcasts done through Facebook, I’ve hinted at a few concepts. They took off splendidly, yet I got to experience what our spirit guides go through daily, in guiding us. The majority chose what they wanted and added their own strands of beliefs. The mixture turned into muddy hell.  After a year of observing personal walls, groups, and pages on Facebook, I understood why the group chose to not present the material they taught me before now.

There is a major difference between their teachings and our present-day teachings. They, at first, might appear to be like Law of Attraction, Vision Boards and other New Thought and New Age concepts, but they are night and day.

Please, join me in the next couple days as I blog and vlog(podcast) the difference, and what I learned this past year. Our earth is identical to their third level of spirit plane. It became clear to me, with the resistance and the need to repeat the same programming from centuries ago, from most people.

The Hippie Ghost Band’s way of living is identical to the heaven built on the spirit plane. Our way is part of the existing hell here and there.

For more information about the Hippie Ghost Band’s teachings, click here. https://www.facebook.com/hippieghostbandwayteachers

For more information on our classes and whereabouts please click here.


Beyond the Veil Law of Attraction Step 2

Hippie Ghost Band Speak

Step Two. How to Educate yourself to recognize out-molded patterns


Daily you are given a choice to repeat behaviors and beliefs or to unplug from them. What you have been using is a programmed car [subconscious] that has been wired to take you from point A to point B.  Imagine the following. You stepped into your vehicle and set out to the airport. This car knows one airport and only one direction to getting you there. You tried to program a new direction, but it chokes on it, and takes off, making sure it is fulfilling its requirement, getting you safely to the airport.

It would be worthless blaming the car since it has your best interest at hand. Also, this is all it knows. It is a machine and cannot tell what pro and con is. It’s a machine. What do you do? Do you keep driving the car or trade in its programming with new? These are the only two choices, though Jasmine believed there were three. It is this miscalculation that cost her dearly.

The above scenario is a replica of your brain. You have a conscious, subconscious and superconscious. You are ruled by the subconscious, which is exactly like a computer. Only you can get the bugs out and redo the input. Another cannot, though they can guide you through the process.

Jasmine Renee contribution kept her powerless. She knew enough ‘new age’ to be dangerous. She did know the roots of each behavior had to be unplugged and continuously weeded. Her motto covered this. Keep your mental garden watered and weeded. As we said, she knew enough to make her dangerous to herself.

We asked, are you tired of being powerless? Are you sick of being a prisoner to your out-molded beliefs? How much work are you willing to extend to free yourself?

She had two major belief patterns that had reaped their awards since her husband’s death. Both had fertile ground to grow, and take possession of her life. We held her accountable for creating this fertile soil. She now had full awareness of it, so it was up to her. From that day forth, she couldn’t blame. Jasmine lightly trod forward and began to let go of the blame.


Stopping her from blaming the world for all her problems didn’t come easy.  She didn’t understand why she kept attracting the same experience? People will stay on the merry-go-round of similar events, with a name, or location altered. Jasmine needed to acquire the skills to see yellow and red flags. These two could signal you that a repeated pattern is approaching. Peeling the layers away is a method we use in the spirit realms. We decided to teach her the process.


Sedona Red Rocks




     Jasmine Renee Speaking: Why did the Doormat Reemerge?


Our brains start to be program early in life. It acts like a computer and wishes to keep things running. It has scripts for every experience we have encountered. Those experiences, which came with a punch of emotions, are the ones that lead us daily and on rare occasions. My spirit group informed me, my programming is still active. Each programming might take a mini-vacation while letting another pattern have the opportunity to dominate for a period, but this is temporary.

Their explanation met deaf ears. They were speaking an alien tongue, so another concept was presented.  This one hit home and made sense. It also answered several of my questions.

 When you met your husband, the self-saboteur and victim were on vacation. Other facets took the reign. The robust, vigorous and rebellious woman took center stage. My future husband didn’t see me as a doormat. Eventually, both the self-saboteur and victim returned from vacation and sprung back into action.

I could see where this played out, but it didn’t answer my question. Why did I slip back into the damsel role, when I started dating? The return of my old dating habits surprised me over the years. My spirit guide explained the roots to those patterns before I met my husband.  All through my married life, I assumed my husband’s love healed me. My husband’s love did it. A lot of the doormat behavior stayed still in the riverbed of my mind, waiting to sprout new seeds. With Wally’s death, his viewpoint of me stopped being reflected, leaving the older tapes space to rise, with a vengeance.  Throughout the twenty-nine years of us being together, I never saw myself, as he did. Within a year, after his death, the damsel sprouted. Their roots still were planted deep into the fertile soil, from tapes of distant years. I didn’t know what hit me. I just let the self- saboteur take over and put me back into my original car. The same one my late husband tried to help me escape.

For being an intelligent woman who was well read on areas of co-dependency and other addictions, I didn’t see it sneaking up on me. Why? Comfortableness. There is a familiarity with what we know. It feels like a broken in pair of shoes. Our desire pushes us forward into our addiction, which can be an old one, or a new one. Sanity erases itself, as we battle through obstacles to grab ahold of our independence. I did this.

My spirit group woke me up to what I was doing. I created this mess, and it was me who attracted these people into my life. Energy will attract similar energy. Like, attract like.  My thoughts created this road to pain, victim, and doormat.  At the time I dropped blaming, I noticed the constant anxiety attacks stopped..  Taking accountability started to heal me.

Once again they stepped in and explained a different format with healing. Though I’m familiar with releasing old patterns theirs was different. I was realizing the clone within me so my spirit could emerge.

April 2018, Beyond the Veil 101 Course will be available. Learn lesson Two. Walking out of your clone-self and into your Spirit path.

Beyond the Veil’s Law of Attraction Step 1

The Hippie Ghost Band is positive that we can create heaven on earth. They already started this through me, with their teachings of Beyond the Veil of the Law of Attraction.  I was taught this because in 2015 my life was to come to a close. Divine Love changed the plans, because of the love these eleven entities, four being the Hippie Ghost Band’s had for each other and me. In essence, they created heaven through their love.

Sedona Red Rocks

Beyond the Veil’s Law of Attraction Step 1, Holding yourself accountable.

Hippie Ghost Band’s speaking:

Holding yourself accountable was the first lesson Jasmine Renee received.  Now is the time for people to put a stop the blaming. Letting go of this pattern will drastically change your life. The victim steps down from controlling it. It is here you will begin the reprogramming process of your subconscious. Without this step, the law of attraction will continue to be governed by your old pattern designs.

This step aids the subconscious from plugging into responses attached to victimhood and begins to program tapes of victory.

The path, though not new to Earth, helps people to walk away from the victim mentality, and to take one hundred percent accountability for your whole life. We will begin by reviewing false truths taught to control your life. These falsities are pulling your puppet strings. You are a walking, breathing clone machine.

Who are you holding responsible for your personal life? The boss, the spouse, the parent, or a child? The government, big business, and other peoples’ religions hold blame for the world’s problems?

     Our question, is it benefiting you?

Blame and victim share two sides of a coin. The key to stopping being a victim is to let go of blame. The result, if you do this, you stop giving your power away. You cannot afford to maintain this habit. To support it guarantees depreciation of health, both mental and physical.

How do we stop this programming? The only way is by educating yourself to recognize the out-molded beliefs, which takes us to our second step. At this point, we will stop, and let Jasmine explain how she received or teachings.



Jasmine Renee speaking:                             

                                           Holding Myself Accountable


The Hippie Ghost Band’s first lesson tasted bitter. That pill didn’t go down easy. On the one hand, I gloated in making everybody responsible. They did this to me! Heck, I even blamed my spirit guides and God. Everybody was responsible for how my life turned out, except me. Ignorance, I could not vouch for, since I studied the law of attractions years prior. I have proven to myself thoughts create things. I could count on one hand what I materialized. using a few fingers. On the contrary, I would run out of fingers trying to count my failures. My slogans, when used on my spirit guides, didn’t work. Others are to blame for my turmoil, reached deaf ears. The world did this, can’t you see? I’m a victim! Every day my spirit group refused to accept my pleas of innocence.

The victim within me cherished the attention. It proved better than zero acknowledgment. Here I am, a widow, without any physical, emotional or mental support. The more I swam in this swamp of debris the more my life attracted those who would victimize me. I understood on one level, ’like attracts like’, yet beyond any measure of doubt, my spirit guides must admit the world screwed me. They refused to accept my excuses, instead, they drummed into my mind, I used blame to imprisoned myself.

Next my group taught me the victim and the self-saboteur worked hand in hand. I have studied about self-sabotaging, but never explored how it controlled most of my life. The habits about my self-saboteur were actively playing through my subconscious mind. This is a neatly computerized program of truths from our family and their social network. This concept put me against the wall, until  I found a loophole in their theory. I was a victim and I could blame my parents and their relations and friends. I didn’t have a choice.  I also reminded them, I walked away from my family and re-invented a new life. I did all I could. It’s not my fault.


As they explained how the subconscious worked, I found it redundant. I already knew this. My spirit guide’s theory supported my point.  Our parents damaged us, and we are a slave to our first five years of life.

Patience must have been their given name. All eleven, in this spirit guides group, maintained a high level of it, however they refused to let me fall into the trap of excuses. Somedays their guidance felt like a bulldozer and other days a soft breeze. Their contention always, you are making a choice to blame and escape this life create a new life. All this will accomplish is creating the same hell you already manifested.

Finally, I said, “Teach me.”

“When you are creating a better life, you hold yourself a prisoner to it.”

“What, I asked?”

“Let us teach you another way.”

It was here I began to sense their Law of Attraction didn’t echo the same concepts I already learned. Not to later did I learn I was taught the Beyond The Veil version, since my death in 2015, at that time was inevitable.

101 Class coming in April on Beyond the Veil Law of Attraction

Hippie Ghost Band talked about Beyond the Veil, and the Law of Attraction taught there.. They talked about the ego and spirit path and how they work together.


Sunday Brunch with Hippie Ghost Band & Friends

Tarot Daily Inspirational Cards.


These cards are pulled during my Facebook podcast. I am starting to share them on my website, so others can contemplate the cards, the meanings given and use them as they see fit.

As described in about me, I am a medium/channeler for the Hippie Ghost Band and Friends. Today the message was delivered by Sam, Sarah and Betty, all from different dimensions. I hope you do enjoy.

I have included the Facebook podcast They channeled through me speaking about Intentional groups, communities and other topics that relate to this subject.

Jasmine Renee Abbott


The Star card is in the Center. The 8 of pentacles on the left and the


Sam talking. “The Daily Inspiration. This is for you to take what you want and leave the rest behind. We are just offering our inspiring messages.”

The put into three piles. The Center card is the Star.

The middle card is what you can use as a key to open many doors or close doors.

The Star. Your Universe is not this shrunk up little place. (They are using crystals to demonstrate.)  Sam, introduces Sara.

Sara. Your Universe you live in is very vast. You are just as vast as the Universe.

Betty now is invited into this.

Betty, The Star also represents. You got yourself on this stage. You have written this script. You have made your world as vast or limited as you mind can go. Today, you are walking on this stage without any props.  There is no past or future. Just you on this empty stage. Let’s bring your mind to the vastness of this stage by viewing the passive/receptive and feminine part.

Left card: This card is the 8 of Pentacles 

Sam “ The 8 is saying you might need to learn new skills, especially if you are living off of same patterns. Patterns often passed down to you through centuries.


Concept. Sam still talking. : Jasmine was watching a movie and watched people walking in NYC. She realized each person is walking in their own world, not joint to the other ‘s world around them. You walk daily in your heaven or hell.”

“What vastness would you paint on your new stage? First is to find what old patterns will you bring in on your stage. This you will do, because it is all you know. The 8 of pentacles is saying to unplug from one pattern at this tie and learn a different.”

Off topic by Sam.” If you can find Uranus in your birth chart, in the house it is placed, you will discover your spirit’s personality. This is the house you came here to help create a change in your life. This is where patterns were going to be changed.”

*Note. Sam taught me a lot about Astrology and Tarot. I will be addressing this separately at another time. Finding Uranus though helped me to understand why I came to earth.


The Next card shows, what card represents an action to take. Lovers.

Lovers though often relationship also means what is profound in your life? What do you need to put on this stage, the Star , and distinguish what is sacred in your life? We aren’t talking about your job, but your life path. This can be found when you locate Uranus and start to unteach yourself from the data your family and their family gave them.

The rest of this, when into Uranus. You can listen to this part of the podcast.

As a reading of inspiration today, these three cards, Star, 8 of pentacles and the Lovers are speaking of learning what our life path is, and how we can make choices to create this on our own stage. Using these three cards, in a reading, I would state this:

The Star represents you have a need to make a goal come true.. To do so, the 8 of Pentacles is telling you to start at the beginning. Look at what you have done before. Are you using the same methods, and coming up empty-handed? If so, you need to switch your patterns. The Lovers is telling you right now you have a choice. The Profound or Profane. It is time to change your life or continue on the course you have taken before. The 8 of pentacles hold your answer and direction.

The podcast at the 15-minute mark or so, and to about 20 minutes has more on Uranus. At this time, if interested you can listen at this interval.

Part two of their Podcast

We are starting to create concept communities with the Intentional design. We will be creating a few over the next couple years. Some of these communities will be traveling communities. Jasmine had a vision of an RV with Hippie Ghost Band on it. We will have a variety of these.

How can we handle different personalities?

Let’s examine intentional communities.

Our intention, in the beginning, was to teach her to be a spirit guide. others came in the first year, a few others later. This was our objective. We weren’t happy about it. coming back to earth’s energy is hard, and she was at the lower energies here.

The crystal fairy came and they were able to elevate some of the energy. Yet, it was really difficult. Our intent was to make her a guide.

Our intention grew in love. How did we though get along? We had both crystal kingdoms here, the hippie ghost band, her husband, and others. We never worked all together. We did have conflicts.

The hate in your world is choking outside of your world. This brought the Crystal kingdoms into the picture. To protect their dimensions. These dimensions are right beside earth. Your hate and belief to be hateful is the only way is working towards our places. We don’t have hate. It is now acting like a virus. Your viruses is also part of this hate. If Jasmine could help us, with helping those on the other side, beyond the veil, this could help us.

We didn’t hate. We did have anger and embraced, but there was no hate or let me get you. We learned how to work with other. We got along and grew a community. It had one purpose. To help those in your world who have died to help stop this hate beyond the veil.

Around the 30 minute mark, on the podcast, they explained how they started to call others to join. Sandy, they mentioned.

Anna Still talking. We put ourselves on this new stage. We were scared to come here. It is so filled with hate. Our intent though manifested love, before we were asked to stay.

When Divine asked us to come and grow this love. We weren’t’ asked to bring a change, be messiahs, but just to grow heaven.

36-minute mark they are showing the difference of energies. I can’t transcribe this.

We aren’t better. We understand most people on earth believe in being saved in some way. Their way is only. We can’t help that. We will just grow heaven.

We are here. We each went through the 2nd and 3rd level. We know what death is.  We wanted to create a new hippie community on this side. We didn’t ever expect the chance to come back and do this here on earth.

It’s started. We have our group then a new group came about with humans, and visionary hippies group became an intentional community. It’s spreading. We are doing this.


Sarah spoke about her connection with Wally and Me. When the Hippie Ghost Band realized Sarah’s and Wally’s connection they were shocked. This they had to view in this new community. This area confused the group. Wally and Sarah are mates. I adore her. Never stirred any bitterness. I guess I am to find a new mate and they wonder about Wally. He said this is too much for me to carry on shoulders by myself. He is happy when this happens. This is one major area they have been dealing with through this time.


We are just growing heaven. We are only doing podcasts. We aren’t doing fliers or advertising. Don’t apply. We know who we want. At end of the year, we will record these records.

The Twin Flame Prophecy book

front cover II

John talking. This book talks about the Intentional Community This book is your history. More important and valuable than your favorite food. This is the only mandatory thing we seek from anyone wanting to be a part of this. Read the book. It is that important. It is the intentional community. The Ghost Train is I here. It is not that expensive.  You can order on Amazon.

We laughed. She wrote about Intentional communities but couldn’t understand the Editor’s ideas. Ours will be many types. We won’t be one design. The hippies were not just designed for artist and poets. was designed for people to be part of a community. The hardest part is personality conflicts. Renee experienced this in communes.

Sam talking: We know how to deal with personality conflicts, subject conflicts. Ego conflicts. Ego is not a bad thing. it is the computerized concept in your brain. Doesn’t matter where it came from, blood or not. The tarot card Hierophant represents this. We are changing its meaning. we see so many people get stuck in this Hierophant that they learned and get lost.

John talking. We still are unplugging. But, because we have died, we know what works and what doesn’t. we wanted to bring a hippie community in the 60’s 70’s but we acted from the Hierophant. Anti-establishment was the only way. We were wrong.

Look around has this change? No, it grew. Your negativism has grown 50 % more. The Internet could have been your Hippie Kingdom, Woodstock, but instead of love and peace, it managed to up hate 50 % with all this anti. You didn’t do the Rumi, you did the hate and have a mess.

All we are doing is to stay here and continue to build a heaven. The Hippie Ghost band came first because of the negative energy. The Crystal Kingdoms are now coming out because of these people who are creating this with us. It is them that showed us we were taking seriously. They started to grow I am Love. J

We, through Jasmine, showed you the proper way of doing a healing, which the Crystal kingdoms taught her. We didn’t tell her to do this. She did it with Jana and is doing this for another little girl. People are open to another way.

We aren’t the first. You have people talking about all this. We aren’t new. We are the first to create this (heaven) and for Divine to say continue to grow love on earth

Have you noticed it has been recently you never met Anna of the Crystal Fairies or Sara of the Crystal Dragons? We are so protected because we love them. This small group of people shows us, love. We are right now speaking of a 6-7 frequency. We can’t see what you are typing. We have to be hi so the others can come through.  If it just the hippie ghost band we can channel on 4 -5th. But when we come all together we are the highest we can go.


Irv talking. I love these dragon people. Sarah told Renee she would find this white feather. Next day this just feel in front of her feet. Sarah gifted her the storyteller feather. This was given to her 2 yrs after her spirit came back.

Those who joined us and didn’t see the musicians as icons I’m grateful. I love them as brothers. This is where Renee lives with us. She doesn’t have a family. We did a campaign at the end of November. She will not go surviving being alone. she decided a community, but could only see a house. We have had many types of houses. We do have one design in mind and getting the pictures on it. A few are going to Prescott to check out the energy, not the land. We are with you every day.  We are supporting our community with love. We aren’t supporting what most live in the negative.


I am love is what we are doing and started. We sent the ET call home, and Sandy got hold of Jasmine. We are all on the same path. Lisa, editor, and land, Diane, a poet is learning. Jana is only one who can communicate with us, and she ‘s dead. Jasmine and her share a guide. we are all connected to “It’s called love. We don’t need to advertise. We don’t believe what u call Divine Being, or if you are an atheist. We just want to help you grow your passion.


How do I know what I am here for? This is what we are offering you this month. For $55 dollars get a reading about this year. we can live beside you, in this negative. We can live beside you all. Do what you wish. We aren’t invested in you. We are invested in love. We are invested in growing communities that want to grow love.

We have learned how to deal with each other, and Jasmine is learning this. We taught her about the slick hand personality. She learned it well. She and we have been teaching others this past year and a small community grow. If Jasmine didn’t come out to do a podcast. This wouldn’t exist. It will always be about Jasmine because, without her, we can’t do this. We choose to not channel through another. We will never channel through another. We might train Lisa, for down the road. People believed they channel me and they never did.

People believe they can channel and don’t know what they are getting. It’s so easy to fake us. We all have a connection with her.

Bonham, she had to google my name. She didn’t know who I was.

People are going into cults who someone is channeling an ascended someone, and yet they want to keep your child and make yu go. Do understand. You are letting a 2nd and 3rd level entity takes over. Stop the crap.

Have we ever come to you and say we will show you the awaken path, while the rest sleep? No. we not about that. We just want love, man. We just are dirty freaks who want to grow love. We are musicians, writers, and poets who screwed up while living. We let Jasmine know this so she can teach those after she died. Still, Bonham talking. Now we can let you know. You can support anti all you want. It doesn’t need your support because it controls you and your life. You are a puppet. It controls you. As you often have heard it often is an illusion but often delusional.

Money talk


We are creating a different concept of money. Money is a blessing to a musician and you will pay a lot for a dead guitarist guitar or go to their concert. That is good. Same for a ballplayer. But the rest is evil.

People wont keep the lotto money they don’t want to go to hell.

We don’e see money as evil or any new concept, or bartering. We are not interested in new money concepts. Our intent, the groups is

Other are looking for a new intent of creating money. We aren’t interested. That creation still has the negative in it. the 3 percent have all the monehy.


Our intent is to fizzle out the money currency money. You created the thoughtform. It did not creat you/ those who didn’t have as much money created the thoughtform and now you are a dummy, living with strings. Mmost of your life is this way. Doesn’t have to be the energy of money. Energy of anything.

We are creating the energy of love, and respect. Not one right way. Irrv is still Jewish and happy tripping on his long beard writing poetry. He isn’t pushing. We aren’t’ we all know what happens after death. We choose. Crystal fairies and dragons don’t have our gods. They are doing what they want. They though are teaching us crystal light energy. The dragons are also teaching us. we are a community. Nobody is one up on us.

Lennon like how you put that Bonham. We are all just one community. They still don’t live on earth, but they are living on the 4th, 5th, 6th levels with renee and us. We are staying here.

Bohnam speaking : If the crystal families want to go visit their kingdoms they go visit. We sometimes are all gone, but we are always linked, in case someone needs our help. We never said you got to do this or that. Only thing we aren’t is anti. We aren’t growing this. We are groing our intent:

Land that has good food and they will cook for Jasmine and us. Yes we like to eat.

We will probably be in the courthouse in a large community village

An example

People coming together. Playing with our music, rewiritng the lyrics , writing the music/notes. Then we going to practice it at our community. This book. Twin Flames that actually contains music from George Harrison, John Lennon and John Bonham and that the Woodstock Nation never ended. We learned another way and we created it while here. and it created another birth. 1:24 on podcast demonstration

We are remaking the Hierophant. What are your social morals? Are you still continuing on this or create a new Hierophant.

Our Hierophant is creating love  and Peace. If they want to be paid, we will honor this. A wirter, artist concept is not known until death. This is the thoughtform of the old Hierophant. You will be the starving artist is in this old Hierophant. We are changing the thoughtform. The energy value is the same and equal to the top musicians and ballplayers…in other words the concept is positive not the negative.

We are changing the Hierophant role to bring back what we wanted. We died. We understand where our mistakes came from we now know how a thoughtform controls us after death. I didn’t know I died. I was still thinking I was traveling. Irv was getting high off his sis. We are in the light than it ends. Like a


good acid trip. The thoughtform that controlled us on earth controlled us. We got out of it. now it’s even worse. We can’t go into that energy level, beyond the veil.

We are teaching love and peace. It calls for a lot of unplugging. First everyone wants to convince my way is the only way. this is the 14 th century belief and you are stuck in it.

This book, is about all this. The first hippie community. The ghost trains. We died. Divine Love brought Renee’s spirit back and we now are growing our heaven. It saw hoe. We built love. I said. Huh?

Bonham is correct. We all went huh. But you don’t say no to Divine Love. We moved her to Arizona. We put it together.” George spoked



We now feel the first love. Not from those who made us into tiny shiny balls. This came from those who loved us. They stepped out of the Hierophant old way. They grew the first platform of love. This was done in less than 1 yr time. We got those who are building this with us. We got visionary Hippies as our internet intentional community. They didn’t feed us bullshit. We can smell it a mile away.  What we didn’t expect was to feel their love. If this didn’t manifest the Crystal Kingdoms are standing beside us.

Anna and Sara of both Crystal Kingdoms, /


Ballery Cooper and Linda Youngblood love in the direction of Visionary made us willing to come out with our love. Anna, Sam and

Love is within the purple & pinks in the greys and black. It has no boundaries. It has no this way or that, but weaves its colors majestically. Sara. Happy Dragon

The Hippie Ghost Band We love hyou. We are redoing the concept of money so we can help these ladies in their dreams. You showed us. Love.


Cynthia. Hello. you showed us love that is beyond what we ever felt on earth plan. We felt it through these crystal beings and now you. We thank you.

The End. Thank you for reading

Facebook Podcast where this transcript originated.

Twin Flame Prophecies

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Night, Day, all the Same

The darkest of a night is no match for the darkest moments of a soul. This day, crawling out of bed, with only a single care in her mind, do I leave this world and die, or hang in there? Hang in there for what? What? Grabbing her tattered silk robe, she sashed the belt around twice, and began the climb down those steps of despair, leading to her coffee pot.

As she felt the handle in her palm, she let her fingers clasp around it, while she reached into the cupboard for a white mug. Not hard by any imagination, since she only owned one coffee mug, and it was white. Coffee the nectar of the insane, she told herself, as she slow danced into the barren dining room, whose walls only held her conversations about the weak and weary.

A chill greeted her, as she set down at the circle table. The off-white tattered curtains waved at her, as she laid her head on the table.

“It’s cold outside. Might be best to close the window, and put on your unicorn slippers.”

With her head resting on her arm, she glanced beside her. “You again. Didn’t I kick you out?”

A season went and spring finally made its way to stay for a couple of months, but the dark cloud never escaped the hold she had on it. He often tried to ring her, and to guide her but never failed to meet her iron fist. “Why can’t she see me beyond the status that tagged me while alive?” He asked frequently, with no answer.

Spring revolved into summer, and to his shock, the unexpected occurred. She called out to him. He finally could enter the door, but was the condition attached too costly? Would her late husband’s agony for her deepen? Could he accept the verdict passed down by their guides, regarding her? The date already marked in the future of her suicide, and nothing could prevent this. Would he accept and go along with creating a spirit guide out of the living, before they die? Could he? Would he?

When she called his name again, asking him to bring her late husband, he arrived with him, and the scheming began.

The love of the spirit world and the worth they saw in her overruled all that circles around suicide. They began their teachings so she could assist those in the lower energy vibrations.


The love of these two spirits grew into thirteen spirits, with the majority being of other realms/dimensions.  The growing possibility of her helping the lower spirit realm, after her death, became the talk of the different realms, including the spirits of the earth. Hope now was on the rise, amongst them.

Two years came and gone, and the deadly event that would knock out her spirit inched closer. February was just a blink away. As it came and left with her soul, the crew of eleven entities moved within and around her. Protection their aim, as the love for her leap in bounds, drawing others from these dimensions to want to be involved.

The woman they loved, who lived mostly a shattered life from early years on, to later years, held their attention. How could anyone who been sleuth so often champion the Phoenix?

Could she accomplish this one more time here on Earth? Could the love of these different spirits and realms be enough to introduce another way? Divine Love asked itself.

Could they build a turnpike for the earth, called heaven, and turn the earth people away from outworn concepts? If I brought back her spirit, could this group, now thirteen, bring her back to wanting life? Could they?

April 2015, the month of her birth, and marked the month of her death came and passed, with her walking home and feeling something enter her. Tears rolled down her face, for the hollowness that took over now held her spirit. The headphones attached to her MP3 player played, Gimme Me Shelter, by the Rolling Stones, which prompted her to pick up her speed and hurry home. Unlocking the door, and sitting at her table, she cried out, “John, I want to give people shelter. I want to live.”

At the moment, the collective thirteen recognized her spirit came back. How? It was lost and recorded not to return while still living on earth.

“Through the love of you to her, and it went beyond any expectations, as well as your love for those on the World Wide Web, I brought back her spirit. My request is if you will create the world you mapped out for her, after her death, here on Earth. Will you bring these teaching and build a turnpike called Heaven? Will you bless me with this?”

Two years later, four of them, who named themselves the Hippie Ghost Band started Divine Love’s request, while the others continued to work with her, and occasionally would speak to others. In their midst stood a medium, conduit that offered them the opportunity to talk in their own words. These four wrote six songs and she added them to her book, The Twin Flame Prophecy. It is one of the books that cover the love of other dimensions and realms and their joint effort to help the Hippie Ghost Band build this turnpike called Heaven.

Written in love for her thirteen spirit friends, Jasmine Renee begins the journey of sharing in blogs where they took her, and how they changed the course of her life.