Daily Inspirational Cards

Daily Inspirational Cards



The center cards, our focus card for today, is the 6 of pentacles. We all use our ego-path/goal daily, and this is helpful. Today, I am introducing our spirit path/daily goal. Both exist in our life.

The 6of Pentacles reminds us to make time to let our spirit express itself. Our spirit is always about giving. Giving that extra mile to help someone.  Give time for your spirit to come and walk with you.

Our spirit comes from our heart, without conditions. Our ego comes from our data -based brain. When we have that urge to help a stranger, that is our spirit living through us.

On the left side of the 6 of pentacles, is the Moon. These two cards standing together tell me it is a personal new moon. I don’t know when the new moon is coming. This combo though tells me, we have a choice to walk the profane, the ego, which helps us in our daily life, but we also start the profound, the spirit way that we can generate what we came here to do on earth. Our spirit path.


On the right side is the card of action. The Card here is Wheel of Fortune. Our spirit too has a plan. If we choose to use our spirit’s personality, over these next fourteen days, we will see a difference, from where we are today.


Someone listening to the podcast checked to see when the new moon was or is coming. It is today in Capricorn. What a time for us to grow our spirit’s intent. I know a lot don’t know their spirit path. It’s not hard to discover.

When your heart is trying to do something without strings attach or controlling and you feel light and airy, this is your spirit talking to you. The ego works out of data, as should could, must and leads that way. You can look back at your life and view where your heart spoke to you. Once you discover it, try to take small steps to utilize it these next twelve to fourteen days. This will be pro-active in changing this Wheel of Fortune, instead of going back on the same merry-go-round.

For further explanation, please listen to my Facebook Podcast, which I have linked here.

Daily Tarot Inspirational Ready by Jasmine Renee

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Daily Tarot Inspirational. 1/15/2018

Daily Tarot Inspirational. 1/15/2018


The Three Cards for today Are:  Center card- Ace of Wands. Left side card, Chariot. Right side card Temperance

The Ace of wands is speaking of passion, and what we wish to grow today, or even for this week. The Aces are only opportunities. I asked, in the podcast: What can we do to offer others that we appreciate their being and their inspiring goals?


The Left Card-Passive Energy-Chariot is saying let go, stop trying to control everything. You will have success, but let go and let it happen. Next, to the Ace of Wands, it is also saying let go of trying to get people to do it ‘your way’, or be what you believe is best for them.  In an example of children or spouse ..etc. we all have our lessons. We are to let go and let them delve into their opportunity. We all have our spiritual path, and we need to let them go.

The passion is not to control those we love life. Remember Let go and Let God. They have their own journey. You aren’t to live their journey.


The Right card-active energy- Temperance.- This is the action we can take. Step back and find the right combination for yourself to take on your goal.

With these cards we have Ace of Wands-Fire, Temperance which represents Sagittarius, which is Fire and the Chariot is Cancer astrologically, and is water. Water and fire are opposites. They will cause steam.

The best combination to follow is let go of the ego’s control. Don’t let it be your GPS. Instead, let your spirit’s personality be the GPS. It has your sacred path, just like our loved ones have theirs.

This link is connected to the whole podcast, which included an oracle reading and a channeled message.

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