An Intentional Community Apartment

An Intentional Community Apartment


Monday woke me up with her gentle grace, but I sniffed the energy and knew I awoke in another zoo. What zoo is this? What is the meaning of it?  The gentleness, slow pace of my mornings didn’t exist. I needed help. A rarity for me to ask, but Monday I did, and what awaited me shocked me.

Monday, January 15th, 2018 ushered in a new period of existence. The day went, without much of a hitch, until my guest asked would I like to go to grab a hamburger? A simple request, and at one of my favorite hamburger joints, I said yes.  I walked through the gate to get into her truck and was greeted by her husband and daughter. To my surprise, her daughter treated us to dinner. We dropped the husband back home so he could fulfill his obligations that evening, and I invited her daughter to come over with her mother. Nothing too exciting was planned. I figured a nice low-key night, which could aid this feeling, I woke up in another zoo.  Little did I know what was about to reveal itself.

My friend’s daughter and I have met a few times, but I never discussed the type of channeling I do. There was no intent to channel that night, or so I thought. My spirit group came out and instantly it was noticeable I froze-up in front of strangers. They came up with a game plan, which included both ladies, and that night I was informed,

“You will create an Intentional Apartment, where can channel for people, and build our communities.”

They left, and my mind stayed active throughout the night. How do I turn a small four-room apartment into sections? How do I create blocks of space for people to do diversify activities? Tuesday morning the answers started to appear, with rearranging my bedroom. I also created a room divider using my coffee table, since a newer one was arriving Wednesday night. Tuesday my friend called, to inform me her husband and daughter could bring a few things over. It would be a great time for me to try to channel. .After hanging up, I put my shoes on and went to the store and bought a few items for dinner. We would eat, and I would channel, or reverse. I channel better on an empty stomach, and they were kind to wait till I was done., It went smooth. A lot better than I expected. The next night they brought the rest of the furnishings, and we sat down and chat.

I waited to sage all the new pieces, till after they left. I saged everything, from new to used that comes in my house, since other’s energies stay on items. I don’t know whose energies are there. After I sage, I took a short video of my living room and placed it on Facebook.  A friend pm said watch the video at the end because there is an energy orb. I looked at it and sure was. It went straight to two crystals on the table. The large no shape crystal also used to demonstrate a replica of where the Crystal Dragons lived, and the pyramid crystal right beside it. The Crystal Fairy home replica it did not go too. We got to see the two crystal dragons who often channel through me. I’ve included the video for you to examine.

Energy Orb at the end of video

Life’s zoo still remained a mystery. My house now completely changed, and I figured for my out of town company coming next week. I figured wrong. Today, Saturday, January 20, 2018, I received a phone, from a woman I met in October. Though we played phone tag, we never caught each other until today. I met her at a Health Fair and felt strongly to gift her my book. That was on October 14th. Prior to that, I was told by spirit, to have this book ready and in my hand by October 14th. I just mentioned the other day, I’m not sure what this was all about, but if need be, I’ll find out. I trusted my spirit group to disclose any information if needed. Today, out of the blue she called. We talked for the first time, without interruption. She accepted my invite for next Saturday when a group of people is coming. As we were about to say goodbye, she asked if I wanted to get together. I was hesitant, would they wish me to channel tonight? Would these be a channel gathering or just an evening gathering? My one spirit invited her to come. She was a bite taken at first when a male with an English accent invited her. He identifies himself, as my spirit guide.

Tonight, I start to open the apartment for its main intention, a gathering to build communities of heaven.

Now, you know why I have slacked off from writing. There was much preparing to do this week, and yes, I am living in a different zoo. The zoo that attracts those who wish to build a heaven, right beside those who have built hell here on earth.

Enclosed is another video that shows the Intentional Community Apartment

Intentional Community Apartment

Till I have more to report, enjoy your day


Jasmine Renee