My Experience with Crystal Healing Bowls. Part 3

Sedona A Healing Completed.


Mago Retreat

Opening the Heart Chakra proved successful that weekend in Los Angeles and the following week, as Brenda Zyburt’s opened her Art Studio, with me having a section to do readings Going to the Mago Retreat in Sedona, I assumed would prove relaxing and uneventful. It would be a perfect getaway, after that busy week. Relaxation embraced us, and a special type of healing occurred that Saturday night, with Brenda’s sound healing.

The group I channel, The HIppie Ghost Band and Friends, performed their own healing, on me which was directed by my late husband.  Though he died twelve years ago, over these past four years, along with the other ten spirits, he played an active role in my daily life. This is written about in my book, A Life or Death Situation.

Saturday night, February 17th, 2018 he set me free so I could love another.  It is time, he told me, for me to join another, who can help me carry the Hippie Ghost Band’s message of Creating Heaven on Earth. This mission is too big, and I needed to be open to another who can offer me the love and help I deserved.

A Heart Wide Open does not Spell Pain


The beginning of February, my heart chakra opened through the Crystal Sing Bowls healing performed by Brenda Zyburt. All my attitudes and beliefs about an open heart leading to pain disappeared. Throughout this month I witness a different truth. 1.My open heart saw manipulation and chose to walk away. 2.My open heart recognized activity that would bring disharmony to the purpose of the Hippie Ghost Band. I took appropriate action, with a different result. I didn’t see these peoples’ actions as a precursor to closing my heart again. Their actions had zero to do with the light flowing from my heart. The light of love.

I wished them well, with total heartfelt love and stayed in the center of my heart love. We can write about love, yet we close our heart when we can’t control another. My heart was not closed, nor any desire to control, change or make them believe me. I just remained floating in my heart chakra of love.

For the first time, I’m open to a romantic relationship. It would be lovely to share this walk with another of like-interest. These couple examples would have been more than enough, but there is more.

Love is radiating in spirals around me. I continue to feel moments of love tears and love grins attached to nothing. I am continuing to not see differences in people but holding their light near mine. We might not walk the same path at this moment and that is fine. I release them without defining them. This is the beauty of an open heart chakra.

Thank you for readings my Open Heart Chakra Journey. I do hope it inspires you.


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How to Help a Depressed Person?



December 14, 2017

Depression is a grave issue. This I know, because I have walked that road throughout my life. April 24th, 2015, I planned to take my lifeInstead, my plans changed due to a Spirit intervention, which began in 2013. Those two years I spent in Spirit Therapy. 

Up to May 3rd, 2017, I believed these spirits came to do an intervention and save my life.  On May 3rd  seven hundred listeners learned the truth when they channeled (spoke) through me. “We did not come to perform an intervention. Our sole purpose was to teach Jasmine Renee to become an intern to other Spirit Guides in the second and third planes. These two planes contain those who have committed suicide or are addicted to drugs, alcohol, food and the list continues. These planes host those who are hurting in one way or another. We did not save her. Divine Love did.””

Instead of being flown home in a body bag on April 2015, I flew from Florida to Arizona November 2015.

There is life beyond depression, suicidal thoughts, and pain of all types. I’m not promising you utopia where there are no problems. I am still using the tools given to me by the Spirit World’s Law of Attraction and finding love, joy, and blessings, which I never believed existed.  Currently, I am writing book two of the series, The Spirit World Walks with us. A Life or Death Situation is available on Amazon, as a paperback and digital. It offers hope to those who are suffering.

What can you do to help someone suffering from depression? Teach them this.

I AM Love (This contains the Essense of Divine’s Love for all of us.)

I Am Sorry. ( This is an apology to ourselves and Divine for wanting to give up.)

I Love You. (This is Divine reminding you, you are loved.)

This method is vital for us who suffer depression because inside we don’t feel love. I recommend using the above 7x in one sitting, or as a mantra throughout the day.

Thank you for reading my blog.

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