What is the difference between Hippie Ghost Band’s teachings and others. Part 2

What is the difference between Hippie Ghost Band’s teachings and others?

The time has come to begin to answer this question. Many have asked. I hope this answers your questions. At the end is a link to our website, plus two Facebook pages on the HIppie Ghost Band’s projects.


  1. The biggest difference to me they aren’t promising to save us. It isn’t about ascending. It isn’t about creating a world outside of ourselves into utopia.
  2. The second biggest difference is they brought their heaven here by the request Divine. It isn’t to be a religion or to seek followers. IT just requested to continue building heaven here, and the Hippie Ghost Band agreed.
  3. The Hippie Ghost Band taught me the Living Vision Board, which I will be teaching starting May 8th. It is not similar to the creative visualizations I’ve learned in the past or vision boards. Though both methods are fantastic, their Living Vision Board is ‘out of this world.’ It is one of the first subjects taught to the newly dead.
  4. Their Heaven, a word we chosen to use to aid in understanding, is filled with spirit creating. The same spirit who lives within each of us. To discover my spirit was amazing. It never awoke. It always is.
  5. Demons, negative people, sleeping people and other adjectives used for those not like us is not accepted in their heaven. This is the first group that doesn’t separate us and them. It is the first group I ever encounter, alive or dead, that is continuing to shun people, or to refer to them as disease.


These five elements carried a lot of weight for me. I’ve been active in the metaphysical, eclectic and aware of the new age for over four decades, almost five decades. The professional part is around forty-five years, and with that comes package my skeptic. I will test a spirit. To my wonderment and amazement, in the past four years, the changes that have taken place, physically, mentally and emotionally in me are breathtaking. I’m honored they taught me their manual for heaven.


How did I get manual? Tomorrow, I will explain, as well as the degree of changes with me.

Be in blessings of love,

Jasmine Renee,





Hippie Ghost Band’s Path

What is the difference between their path and others?

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In two weeks, I will be offering the Hippie Ghost Band’s Path in two different courses. For the past year, in podcasts done through Facebook, I’ve hinted at a few concepts. They took off splendidly, yet I got to experience what our spirit guides go through daily, in guiding us. The majority chose what they wanted and added their own strands of beliefs. The mixture turned into muddy hell.  After a year of observing personal walls, groups, and pages on Facebook, I understood why the group chose to not present the material they taught me before now.

There is a major difference between their teachings and our present-day teachings. They, at first, might appear to be like Law of Attraction, Vision Boards and other New Thought and New Age concepts, but they are night and day.

Please, join me in the next couple days as I blog and vlog(podcast) the difference, and what I learned this past year. Our earth is identical to their third level of spirit plane. It became clear to me, with the resistance and the need to repeat the same programming from centuries ago, from most people.

The Hippie Ghost Band’s way of living is identical to the heaven built on the spirit plane. Our way is part of the existing hell here and there.

For more information about the Hippie Ghost Band’s teachings, click here. https://www.facebook.com/hippieghostbandwayteachers

For more information on our classes and whereabouts please click here.


Beyond the Veil’s Law of Attraction Step 1

The Hippie Ghost Band is positive that we can create heaven on earth. They already started this through me, with their teachings of Beyond the Veil of the Law of Attraction.  I was taught this because in 2015 my life was to come to a close. Divine Love changed the plans, because of the love these eleven entities, four being the Hippie Ghost Band’s had for each other and me. In essence, they created heaven through their love.

Sedona Red Rocks

Beyond the Veil’s Law of Attraction Step 1, Holding yourself accountable.

Hippie Ghost Band’s speaking:

Holding yourself accountable was the first lesson Jasmine Renee received.  Now is the time for people to put a stop the blaming. Letting go of this pattern will drastically change your life. The victim steps down from controlling it. It is here you will begin the reprogramming process of your subconscious. Without this step, the law of attraction will continue to be governed by your old pattern designs.

This step aids the subconscious from plugging into responses attached to victimhood and begins to program tapes of victory.

The path, though not new to Earth, helps people to walk away from the victim mentality, and to take one hundred percent accountability for your whole life. We will begin by reviewing false truths taught to control your life. These falsities are pulling your puppet strings. You are a walking, breathing clone machine.

Who are you holding responsible for your personal life? The boss, the spouse, the parent, or a child? The government, big business, and other peoples’ religions hold blame for the world’s problems?

     Our question, is it benefiting you?

Blame and victim share two sides of a coin. The key to stopping being a victim is to let go of blame. The result, if you do this, you stop giving your power away. You cannot afford to maintain this habit. To support it guarantees depreciation of health, both mental and physical.

How do we stop this programming? The only way is by educating yourself to recognize the out-molded beliefs, which takes us to our second step. At this point, we will stop, and let Jasmine explain how she received or teachings.



Jasmine Renee speaking:                             

                                           Holding Myself Accountable


The Hippie Ghost Band’s first lesson tasted bitter. That pill didn’t go down easy. On the one hand, I gloated in making everybody responsible. They did this to me! Heck, I even blamed my spirit guides and God. Everybody was responsible for how my life turned out, except me. Ignorance, I could not vouch for, since I studied the law of attractions years prior. I have proven to myself thoughts create things. I could count on one hand what I materialized. using a few fingers. On the contrary, I would run out of fingers trying to count my failures. My slogans, when used on my spirit guides, didn’t work. Others are to blame for my turmoil, reached deaf ears. The world did this, can’t you see? I’m a victim! Every day my spirit group refused to accept my pleas of innocence.

The victim within me cherished the attention. It proved better than zero acknowledgment. Here I am, a widow, without any physical, emotional or mental support. The more I swam in this swamp of debris the more my life attracted those who would victimize me. I understood on one level, ’like attracts like’, yet beyond any measure of doubt, my spirit guides must admit the world screwed me. They refused to accept my excuses, instead, they drummed into my mind, I used blame to imprisoned myself.

Next my group taught me the victim and the self-saboteur worked hand in hand. I have studied about self-sabotaging, but never explored how it controlled most of my life. The habits about my self-saboteur were actively playing through my subconscious mind. This is a neatly computerized program of truths from our family and their social network. This concept put me against the wall, until  I found a loophole in their theory. I was a victim and I could blame my parents and their relations and friends. I didn’t have a choice.  I also reminded them, I walked away from my family and re-invented a new life. I did all I could. It’s not my fault.


As they explained how the subconscious worked, I found it redundant. I already knew this. My spirit guide’s theory supported my point.  Our parents damaged us, and we are a slave to our first five years of life.

Patience must have been their given name. All eleven, in this spirit guides group, maintained a high level of it, however they refused to let me fall into the trap of excuses. Somedays their guidance felt like a bulldozer and other days a soft breeze. Their contention always, you are making a choice to blame and escape this life create a new life. All this will accomplish is creating the same hell you already manifested.

Finally, I said, “Teach me.”

“When you are creating a better life, you hold yourself a prisoner to it.”

“What, I asked?”

“Let us teach you another way.”

It was here I began to sense their Law of Attraction didn’t echo the same concepts I already learned. Not to later did I learn I was taught the Beyond The Veil version, since my death in 2015, at that time was inevitable.

101 Class coming in April on Beyond the Veil Law of Attraction

Hippie Ghost Band talked about Beyond the Veil, and the Law of Attraction taught there.. They talked about the ego and spirit path and how they work together.


Tarot Daily Inspirational Cards.



These cards were pulled during my Facebook podcast. I am starting to share them on my website, so others can contemplate the cards, the meanings are given and use them as they see fit.

As described in about me, I am a medium/channeler for the Hippie Ghost Band and Friends. Today the message was delivered by Sam, Sarah, and Betty, all from different dimensions. I hope you do enjoy.

I have included the Facebook podcast They channeled through me speaking about Intentional groups, communities and other topics that relate to this subject.

Jasmine Renee Abbott


The Star card is in the Center. The 8 of pentacles on the left and the


Sam talking. “The Daily Inspiration. This is for you to take what you want and leave the rest behind. We are just offering our inspiring messages.”

The put into three piles. The Center card is the Star.

The middle card is what you can use as a key to open many doors or close doors.

The Star. Your Universe is not this shrunk up little place. (They are using crystals to demonstrate.)  Sam, introduces Sara.

Sara. Your Universe you live in is very vast. You are just as vast as the Universe.

Betty now is invited into this.

Betty, The Star also represents. You got yourself on this stage. You have written this script. You have made your world as vast or limited as your mind can go. Today, you are walking on this stage without any props.  There is no past or future. Just you on this empty stage. Let’s bring your mind to the vastness of this stage by viewing the passive/receptive and feminine part.

Left card: This card is the 8 of Pentacles 

Sam “ The 8 is saying you might need to learn new skills, especially if you are living off of same patterns. Patterns often passed down to you through centuries.


Concept. Sam still talking. : Jasmine was watching a movie and watched people walking in NYC. She realized each person is walking in their own world, not joint to the other ‘s world around them. You walk daily in your heaven or hell.”

“What vastness would you paint on your new stage? First is to find what old patterns will you bring in on your stage. This you will do because it is all you know. The 8 of Pentacles is saying to unplug from one pattern at this tie and learn a different.”

Off topic by Sam.” If you can find Uranus in your birth chart, in the house it is placed, you will discover your spirit’s personality. This is the house you came here to help create a change in your life. This is where patterns were going to be changed.”

*Note. Sam taught me a lot about Astrology and Tarot. I will be addressing this separately at another time. Finding Uranus though helped me to understand why I came to earth.


The Next card shows, what card represents an action to take. Lovers.

Lovers though often relationship also means what is profound in your life? What do you need to put on this stage, the Star, and distinguish what is sacred in your life? We aren’t talking about your job, but your life path. This can be found when you locate Uranus and start to unteach yourself from the data your family and their family gave them.

The rest of this, when into Uranus. You can listen to this part of the podcast.

As a reading of inspiration today, these three cards, Star, 8 of pentacles and the Lovers are speaking of learning what our life path is, and how we can make choices to create this on our own stage. Using these three cards, in a reading, I would state this:

The Star represents you have a need to make a goal come true.. To do so, the 8 of Pentacles is telling you to start at the beginning. Look at what you have done before. Are you using the same methods, and coming up empty-handed? If so, you need to switch your patterns. The Lovers is telling you right now you have a choice. The Profound or Profane. It is time to change your life or continue on the course you have taken before. The 8 of pentacles hold your answer and direction.

Thank you for reading this. I will be posting often these inspirational readings

Inspirational Tarot & Intentional Communities FB podcast

A Fever within a Fever, Stop deluding yourself

December 22, 2017


This week I had company. A fever that attached itself to the Flu. Within this fever I walked for three days, guiding it, leading it and using it to create the death of a pattern so dear to me. Figuratively, I washed the walls, representing me, of aspects I don’t choose to carry anymore. This all stemmed from starting  the blog series, How to Survive or Not during the Holidays and book two of the Series; The Spirit World Walks with Us. In this book, I’m writing down the Beyond the Veil’s Law of Attraction’s oral manual, which was taught to me between 2014-2016.  The Life or Death Situation explains how a group of spirits did an Intervention on me.

The power of our daily thoughts is enormous. They are the pen and paper that write the script for our tomorrow.  These scripts follow those who habitat the first three planes, after death. This theme I taught frequently through podcasts on Facebook Live. Our daily thoughts create tomorrow, and so it does mine. When you zoom into a limit you have just bought yourself a belt to hold up that limit, so it doesn’t fall from you. This fever showed me what belts I’ve been wearing lately, as well as the results. Aghast. Me?! Yes, I too slipped into defending for myself the concepts that fed the ‘swimming pool of negativism’ in my life, through wearing muddy-color glasses that only pointed out the crud this world reveals.  The biggest sentence I used regularly that took the top notch on my belt, nobody is listening to me. Nobody was me. Man, I hit the brick wall, as I walked this fever. Out came new pens and color pencils, as I laid in bed, and watched myself write and draw new scenes on my walls. I threw the belts away, so my life can breathe and not be constricted. I set myself free.

A Native American friend of mine said you had a Shamanic dream. I respect her explanation. As I see it, I died in this flue, walked the fever and re-designed my life. Can you?

I believe all I’m writing, via blogs or books, can aid you. Don’t be afraid to look at how you have painted today, yesterday and tomorrow. You can change it.

Spirit can do an intervention. Though I didn’t give out their techniques, you can read how this transpired in my book. Book two, with the oral manual written, will be available sometime this spring.

A Life or Death Situation

We can create a new world for us. I’m proof. I’m also proof we slip up, so don’t beat yourself up. Thank you for reading my blog. Jaz.

How to Create a New Reality?

December 11, 2017

Are you hungry enough to get off the survival’s merry-go-round? Can you taste the bitterness in your mouth, if you return a year from now to the same situation? How long did you say you been surviving? Is it possible to create a reality that replaces survival?

In the past four years, my life consisted of leaps. Drastic leaps that involved replacing an old belief system with a new one. Each year, a new layer is released leaving a new opportunity in front of me. Change hurts. To chose to avoid change hurts worse. At the same time, I am shedding this old pattern, I’m actively walking into my new life. Each day I contribute some action that represents my new life. Yesterday, I chose to create my living room and dining room into the image that my new house will offer.

My vision is to own a place where people can come and go. Since I’m a writer and medium,I channel spirits,  one room would be devoted to writing, and sitting around with others to discuss topics of interests and to channel the Hippie Ghost Band if desired. I plan to live this way next year. My house is a gathering place, which offers others a place to go for holidays, as well as visit throughout the year. Since I prefer to celebrate holidays, with people, it is up to me to provide this for myself. Nobody else can do it in my fashion. I’m also pleasing my inner child, or as I call her the Magical child.

What can you do today to contribute to your dream? Have fun with this, as you start building a new reality.

Can’t You Hear My Scream? Can’t You Help Me?

December 9, 2017

Can’t you hear my scream? Can’t you help me? Yesterday, I realized my energy lived within those two questions. I knew this is building a surplus of similar energy for the following year. In fact, I am recreating the same situation. Stop this madness, Jasmine. I stopped the Merry-Go-Round and stepped off yesterday. I grabbed paper and a pen, and sat down to it create a blueprint on how exactly I am going to change my life, so I can move beyond surviving.  My first question was to decipher what worked and what didn’t. Then, I needed to see where I spent my energy in this past year, as well as prior years. As a rule, I tend to dive into something, believing it will change, or I can magically fix it. To discover the answer, I entered my sacred space and asked Spirit for assistance. I already knew the answer, but I resisted it. Have you done the same thing? Look around and see where your energy is going, in hope to change something outside of you.

As I sat at my table, I realized my energy absorbed surviving. If I don’t switch this, next year will greet me again with the same vibration- surviving. I need to leap, which seems impossible, but my hunger pushed me out the door to accomplish this first step.

I refuse to spend another holiday season alone, with nobody to exchange presents or sit and have a meal. This way of living isn’t me. I adopted a different way of life that harmed me. I had to accept I did this. Nobody did this to me. As I inhaled, I also realized I’ve been waiting for someone to change this for me. Wrong! Wrong choice. It is me who enjoys this exchange of open house for people. I need to reinvent this. I’m going to start now.

Living the future at present is how one changes their reality.We begin with vision boards, I am statements and unplugging from cords that bind you to your situation are the tools. To free yourself, you must realize nobody is going to fix this, change it or sweep you off your feet to save you. Are you hungry enough to fight for yourself? Are you hungry enough to leap out of survival? Are you hungry enough to stop blaming the world, for your problem? If you answer yes, to these question, your next step is to tell yourself what life would be like if you chose to end surviving. Describe your vision, and write it down. What you now have in your hands is your rough draft of your blueprint. It will often change, as you begin to see life in a positive view, as you walk away from surviving.

Jasmine Renee

I want to take a moment and give my thanks to those following my blogs. I am honored. A couple years ago, Divine Love intervene and saved my life. If you or someone you know is going through depression, and might be considering depression, you might wish to gift them my book. It is in paperback and digital. Thank you again for reading my blogs. I do hope they are offering you useable ideas. Jaz

.A Life or Death Situation