Walking Across the Bridge of Tarot Living

Walking Across the Bridge of Tarot Living


The day began as all my mornings. Gratitude and coffee each in hand. As I sat at my circular pine table, I selected the Crystal Vision tarot created by Jennifer Galasso. Holding the cards in both hands, I blow on them, offering my love.

“The Spirit of my deck, please show me what I need to know today. Thank you.”

Today, I’m instructed to layout two identical rolls of three cards, so I do.


The first ones represent; Past Present and Future, and the second one speaks of focus, and how to implement the feminine and masculine aspects with the focus card.  The Spirit of this Deck advised I pull the top three cards, and the bottom three cards. The top three represents the past, present, and future, while the bottom three would represent the focal point and the feminine (left side) and masculine (right side).

I now sit, as I let these cards walk me across the bridge to Tarot Living.

Past card is the King of Swords. This speaks of learning to master an area within the communication field. At the King level, the tasks would be great, and there would be helpers. At this level of royalty, The King also must learn those who are communicating to influence you, both in pro and con. This card suggests I learned to listen to what a person says and what they do.

Now, in my present, I have the Knight of Wands. There is quick action. Everything is speeded up, with the knight of Wands. He is facing the King of Swords, his past, so this indicates currently this knight is taking the lessons he learned and going out into the world with them.  His passion is in his need to share a creative ‘gem’ with those who would listen. The knight of Wands must watch out for those who are talking their walk or walking their talk. He also must realize time is of importance with this energy. It burns out quickly. Will he achieve his goal?

The Future is the King of Wands. Here we have mastery. He has learned who he can work with, as well as carry the passion, without causing himself burnout, or being overly pushy.

This first bridge is all about applying what I have learned in regards to communication. My own, as well as others. I’ve learned not all people will walk their talk. I had to learn how to discern and see the truth. Learning this, how would I fair, as I enter the world, on my own. The knight of wands is quick, and time passes quickly. Will I burn out or will I create the creative dream?  The King of Wands shows the lessons of the King of Swords has been mastered in the Creative-Dream I am holding.

At this point, I see the focus card above, which is in the center, and above the Knight of Wands. It is the Empress. This reveals the birth time, with the Knight of Wands is approaching. I need to attend to all that will be needed to bring this ‘baby’, a new birth into manifestation. As a person would set up a house for a newborn, one does the same with a creative project. My focus at this time must stay in being prepared. The feminine energy is 5 of Pentacles. This card is telling me, I need to reserve my energy at this time. With the intensity of giving birth soon, it is the time I rest, meditate and visualize the birth of the new creation. Though the 5 of Pentacles often is seen as a lack of money, it often does represent a lack of energy. In this reading, it is clear that giving birth to a successful project indicates to make sure you are preparing, as well as feeding, nourishing and resting your mind, body, and soul. How to do this is indicated in the masculine card. Here we have the three of swords. It is clear to give birth to this, I must let go of outworn concepts, activities and perhaps people from my past, where emotional pain might reside. In my world, it would also emphases using the Ho’oponopono, I love you. I am sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you

The Bridge of Tarot Living offered me a priceless gift today. It showed me where I am at now. What I bring from my past to my present, and how the future will look. My goals, my passion to help show others how to create a new world for themselves is moving forward. The birth of this is around the corner. I do know to reserve my energy by eating right, resting, meditating, exercising and so forth, as well as what I can act on physically. I might need to let go of places people or things.

I thank the Spirit of the cards and the Tarot Bridge for inviting me into the Land of Tarot Living.

Thank you for reading my Tarot Blog.

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