Short stories for Inspiration

The Pixie


Crimson skies never covered the view from my lighthouse. As I stared at the ocean I wondered how much more beauty was in storeĀ for today? Earth has been a trip, since my arrival three years ago. I found a group of people near the ocean, who let me stay in their lighthouse. Each morning they changed the color of the sky through a magical wheel. They enjoyed spinning it, though the outcome never was announced until it revealed into in the sky. I could hear the shout out of joy on the beach and knew my new family has embraced the day. I will too.


A pixie living on the earth is an adventure. I am a pixie. The ability for earth people to not embrace life surprised me on my arrival. Almost ready to pull the plug that would scoot me back home, I decided to postpone a bit, when I awoke at sunrise and saw the sky a brilliant cobalt blue, and a cloud was writing about seagulls. What is this? Could it be? Is there life on earth?

A pixie left alone for three years, and who planned to go back home to Pixie realm that day, had her plans drastically changed. In the ocean stood a lighthouse that only rose at sunrise, to color the sky and to drop off the inhabitants until night. These people came to paint the sky colors of joy, and happiness, while the musicians strummed strings that hugged the world. Singers sang so tears of love could nudge the heart to open again, while the writer drew letters together to form two words that said it all, I Love.

Atlantas 3_13_2018 10_45_15 AM

The pixie decided to stay and join this Lighthouse group, as the carriers of the two words, I Love. Maybe one day you will awaken and see the lighthouse floating on the ocean while letting out the people and the pixie. Perhaps you too will join and shine on the I Love.