My Experience with Crystal Healing Bowls. Part 2

L.A.X. Conscious Life Expo Here I Come


Anxiety froze my breath as pulled up beside L.A.X. Hilton. I stared out the front seat frozen in movement. Then my breath came to me and I started to slowly pull it together. I helped Brenda and Breeze to set up. As we did this I noticed I wasn’t invisible anymore.

For the past few years, I felt invisible. People didn’t know I exist. I liked it. At this conference that changed drastically. My heart seemed to be waving to people to come and chat for a spell. My original intent was to help sell Brenda Zyburt’s art and stay quiet in the corner.  That never occurred. Instead ,I became of service.

Service. A word we often wish to do, yet with an iron clad heart, it comes with limits. That weekend the limits blew away, as my heart sung songs of servitude. Tears of love frequently flowed down my eyes, as I just watched people.


Brenda Zyburt playing Crystal Singing Healing bowls at the Conscious Life Expo


Our booth comically placed next to the men’s room, brought a lot of laughter. The massage people next to us carried a beautiful soft ‘blue’ energy, which combined with ours drew people to visit. Along with Brenda art, her crystal bowls drew attention. At one point we had a guitar player and a didgeridoo player, whose name is Alejandro. Sound Healing Music that Sunday radiated from our corner. Tears of love still flowed from my eyes.

The psychic and medium within me surged as I served those who came to me, without knowing I was a reader. At this conference, I did not sign up to read, and my ethics would prevent me to read and charge. If someone came to talk, and if spirit chose to aid them, I welcome it. This frequently transpired throughout the weekend.


Here I was in my safe spot, not isolated anymore, nor paranoid. I flowed in my scared love. I realized throughout the weekend my heart chakra sprung open in song.

I went home a changed woman. I now sought to serve. My heart stopped have conditions, and I embraced who I am throughout the coming week, as I got ready to go to Sedona to the Mago Retreat. But, before we would go there, Brenda got an opportunity of a lifetime, stemming from the Conscious Life Expo. She got to open her art studio at the Artist Market in Sedona. The people there are permitting me to do Spirit Path Readings

That weekend in Los Angels was magnificent. People from different forms of media came and spoke with me about my book, A Life or Death Situation.

After that weekend, and followed up with being accepted at The Artist Market, I assumed Sedona Mago would provide a peaceful uneventful retreat. I was wrong.



2081 W. Hwy 89A Sedona, AZ 86336

My Experience with Crystal Healing Bowls

A Matter of Opening the Heart Chakra





In this blog, you will read about sound therapy healing and how a specific healing opened my Heart Chakra. This is a three-part series, with the next two blogs revealing the events that took place the following two weekends.

Life has touched each of us with a mixture of love, hate, sadness, anger and other attributes of hurt. At one time in our life, if not more, we build a hedge around our heart to keep out any further pain. Throughout the years, we become less conscious of how closed our heart is. I was not an exception. My heart had an iron-clad grip on it.

The spirit guides, who have devoted their time to Spirit Path Coaching me over the past four years, maneuvered my meeting with Brenda Zyburt, who is a Crystal Singing Bowl and Sound Healer.  Our first two sessions surrounded the healing of my knee. I agreed to this, in hopes to bypass knee replacement. After two weeks there was a noticeable improvement, and a bridge of trust between us was built. Prior to this, I wasn’t sure about alternative healing, and now the ‘proof-was-in-the pudding’.

With the foundation laid on the bridge of trust, the Hippie Ghost Band, the spirit group I channel, requested Brenda to open my heart chakra through her sound healing.
Singing Crystal Bowls and Sound Healing

After at healing, we sat and talked over tea. She mentioned about going to Los Angeles to work the Conscious Life Expo that coming weekend. “Would you like to come?”

Her invitation shocked me. I could hear my mind spitting out every reasonable excuse possible, but my mouth said yes. I knew I needed to be there. She suggested I sell my book, A Life or Death Situation.

A month prior to this, I would have turned the offer down cold. My spirit group did wonders with me, over these four years. Their intervention gave my life meaning and purpose, yet going out into the world, where people would get to know me proved uneventful. Even with the move from Florida to Arizona, they still could not get me to leave my home and surroundings.

One week later, she called and said we are here. Though anxiety gripped me, I opened my front door that Thursday morning, got into her car and headed from Phoenix to Los Angels to spend four nights and five days in Los Angels at the L.A. X.  The events of those five days I could have never imagined or even create on a vision board.


L.A. X. Here I Come

Driving from Phoenix with Brenda and Breeze to Los Angeles, California was beautiful. I enjoyed videoing the scenery. It also distracted me, as I went further away from my home. I wasn’t sure if Brenda understands the depth of my isolation for six years, and my fears of going too far from home. If she did, she didn’t bring it up, and neither did I, because I chose to tackle, this phobia. The last time I forced myself through a major phobia was two years prior when I moved from Florida to Phoenix Arizona.

I trusted in myself that I would conquer this. I left little choice, plus I decided in November to stop just surviving, and enter the world of the living.  I knew the spirit group, The Hippie Ghost Band, desired this, but most of all I needed to break the chains that had controlled how I lived over the last decade.

The Conscious Life Expo was enormous. I have heard there were three and five floors in use. I was aware of three.  We were in the Lower Level, and that is where I stayed much of the time. Anxiety crept through every vein in my body, while it wrapped itself around my throat. I couldn’t breathe.

Part Two coming soon